Santa Maria Uber driver wanted for rape, caught at Mexican border

May 24, 2019

Shadi Aziz Abdul


Authorities have arrested another Santa Maria Uber driver for allegedly raping a passenger, this time taking the suspect into custody at the United States-Mexico border. [Cal Coast Times]

Late last month, a woman told police she had an Uber driver pick her up and drive her to a location in Santa Maria. Upon reaching the destination, the driver took her to another location and sexually assaulted her, the woman said.

Detectives identified the suspect as 37-year-old Shadi Aziz Abdul. Detectives took the case to a judge, and a warrant was issued for Abdul’s arrest.

Last week, ICE agents located Abdul at the United States-Mexico border in San Diego and arrested him, according to the Santa Maria Police Department. On Monday, authorities transported Abdul from San Diego to the Santa Barbara County Jail, where he was booked on a charge of rape.

An investigation into the case is ongoing. Detectives believe there may be other victims or witnesses to this incident or similar crimes.

Anyone who has information about the case is asked to call Detective Silver at (805) 928-3781 ext. 1346.

Last year, police arrested another Uber driver who was living in Santa Maria and accused of rape. Alfonso Alarcon-Nunez, an illegal immigrant who had previously been deported to Mexico, allegedly lured intoxicated women, including SLO County college students, into his vehicle. He then followed them inside their homes, sexually assaulted them, stole valuables from them, and charged them excessive amounts for their rides.

Additionally, in November, San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s deputies arrested a Lyft driver, Jason Lamont Fenwick, for allegedly sexually assaulting an intoxicated woman and then burglarizing her Nipomo home.


This guy watched too many taco bell commercials . Its amazing how many Russians , East Indians , Asians , Pakistanis , English Etc etc at our border with Mexico ….I have met some of these folks they learned a little Spanish and snuck into USA as illegal Mexicans


Glad they caught this creep. Services like Lyft and Uber are great but these kinds of incidents ruin the business model. Can’t keep market share if your drivers keep raping your passengers. On the other hand if you screened your drivers better and didn’t hire guys who look like they were featured on “Catch a Predator” it might help your profitability.


I think the worst part was overcharging for the ride.

nazbol gang

I’m glad he was caught


We need the wall, and also cuts in immigration.

nazbol gang



Well, it’s back to the licensed Taxi cabs again…. started out great , now the pervies found their way into this. Too bad, but just a new reality.


I am sure you can show that a cab driver has never committed the same heinous crime, right?