California Democrats consider resolutions critical of Israeli government

June 1, 2019

At the state party convention taking place this weekend in San Francisco, California Democrats may debate and adopt a variety of resolutions critical of the Israeli government, one of which indirectly links Israel to the massacre of Jews at a Pittsburgh synagogue last year. [Fox News]

Fox News obtained copies of draft resolutions for this weekend’s convention, which is being attended by 14 Democratic presidential candidates. The draft resolutions were not released publicly prior to the convention.

One of the resolutions calls the Oct. 2018 Pittsburgh Synagogue shooting that left 11 people dead “the culmination of an alarming re-emergence of virulent antisemitism that is a core element of historical and currently resurgent white supremacism in the United States and around the world.” The resolution further states the Israeli government, along with some of its American supporters, “welcomed support from Christian fundamentalist and ultra-right groups in the United States and abroad, dangerously ignoring their deeply rooted antisemitism while aligning their virulent Islamophobia.”

The resolution was co-authored by David Mandel, an elected state Assembly delegate and progressive attorney, who said he holds dual U.S.-Israeli citizenship and lived in Israel for 10 years.

Mandel said it would be far-fetched to say the resolution directly blames Israel for violence against Jews. But, Mandel suggested Israeli officials bear some indirect responsibility for both anti-Semitic and Islamophobic violence.

“What we’re saying is the Israeli government is aligning itself with right-wing governments around the world, including in this country, and those right-wing groups — a core tenet of their ideology is antisemitism,” Mandel said.

This resolution, as well as several others, will go before the state party’s Resolutions Committee, which largely has control over which resolutions are debated and adopted. In 2017, Mandel negotiated with the Rules Committee in order to the secure the passage of an unprecedented resolution condemning U.S. support for Israeli “occupation of the Palestinian lands” and opposing restrictions on economic boycotts of Israel.

Other draft resolutions for this weekend’s convention include one stating party officials should only take a subsidized trip to Israel “if they undertake to devote an equal amount of time to visiting Palestinian towns, villages and refugee camps in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories.” The resolution on travel to Israel states the Israeli government and American organizations that support it invite U.S. officials to tour Israel on subsidized trips intended to cultivate sympathy for Israel’s policies.

Another resolution urges the federal government to demand Israel and Egypt end their blockade of the Gaza Strip and criticizes Israel’s killing of Palestinians in Gaza.

Other draft resolutions relating to foreign policy include condemnations of United States policy in Venezuela. Various proposals on domestic issues will also be debated.

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Why is not giving money to secular country (Israel) “Anti-Semites”? Sounds like emotional extortion. Give me

billions of money or you are picking on me? Did read the book “The assault on The Liberty”. Interesting reading.

Love how the Anti Semites jump right in about giving money to support Israel, one of the few democratic countries in that region of the world. The Democratic party in this country is a radical mess with the likes of Omar and Tlaib who should both be censored by Pelosi but they have her scared..

There are no historic facts to cross reference the ignorance of this statement; and lack of understanding to global commerce or capitolism, and democracy as a form of management. If anyone wants easy cross refernce wikipedia/google journal links for truth, just ask. Stop stating feelings and acting as facts, this is not politics or snowflake feelings here, it’s journalism, facts and truth, truth is so easy to get on Free America, Bless that, truly, I could have to get a VPN search engine like I was in “communist capitolism socialist fascist China/ almost America but more Authoritarian, what a 5 minute drag, Free Honest Fact Checked Press. Thank you CCN for edit option! Thanks to the constitution, branches of government and separation and bill of rights, too alter ethically with a civilized mess.


Shame on the anti-semitic Democrat Party, they have been overtaken by socialist radicals who blame America and our allies first.

Your father would not recognize today’s Democrat Party.

You are trolling, Russia Propoganda style, please stop; citing no sources or facts to your Feelings.

Here’s a fact sourced by local journalists. SLO county democrats generated border patrol to deal with illegal immigration in Ag Buis in state for this county, it was and is still an issue; Rich LA folk illegally bring cheap labor extorting people, like BMW workers in mexico, BASIC economics for Capitolism. Republican land owning farmers lobbied, and shut it down due essentially, growing tired of slave labor lawsuites, illegal trafricing, laundering money ETC No Joke!. This was just 30 years ago, google it. Politics switches names for parties through out our countries time, literally elementary knowledge. Stop trolling, we have real issues in SLO and need to deal with it all together, rich and poor etc.

Lol, who supported Isreal in the 80s, Republicans LOL, it was democrats! Just stop, no srouces. Support for isreal has flopped the isle of conser. or Dem for 60 years! Stop being silly!

Why in the world are we giving billions of $ to

Israel? And for that matter, why are giving money to other countries anyway?

Once again I wonder why American Jews are so supportive of the Democrat party. They just have blinders on,about much of reality.

The end of this discussion will eventually be aware by the masses; that this is not about race; politics can help, but by an elite few with economic agenda for localized resources and to support DOD sales. I think all religion should separate; as an American I believe in separation of church and state; it seems you dont, Russia you would like, comrad!

What utter cow manure .

What aspect? Economic, religious, resource, propoganda, war? Elaborate if you can to further dialogue? This is to further journalism after all, we all need to be able to site sources here as well, backing opinions and feelings.

Unbelievable. These are their priorities? Meanwhile…

I’m not a member of any party, but one-party rule clearly isn’t working for California.

Agreed, we prioritize global economic infrastructure and all said more so than our own people it seems and our own “social” needs; in all aspects. But this is where our taxes go to, Saudi Arabia, Israel and used to be Iran before the current Gov. They still have US muscle cars in Iran, and university, shoot, when they were Democratic Socialist, the Kazbah was rockin! I prefer “local not global, selectively global”. But people want private jets, so war must go on! Or build a Church of Scientology.

And I’m sure Israel is just quaking in their boots over this!

This article does not even begin to tap into the depth and context of the formation of Isreal, an easy scapegoat for middle east power after the war; including Zionism propoganda that goes against Orthodox Judaism principle, or how America created Saudi Arabia terrorist Royal family 80 years or more ago, Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi, or how non of this has to do with Conservative or Republican, just DOD contractors and Oil contractors, or rare mineral contractors. As far as I am concerned, every party mentioned above is guilty of terrorism, propoganda, misinformation, war and genocide. The USA only got into wars for “economic” reasons. It is sad that Jewish people are an easy scapegoat, and how some Muslim countries are treated badly due to retaliation of status quo. Not Muslim Saudi Arabia though, who has killed more innocent civilians with US weapons than any war. And Obama, Bush, Trump etc are all guilty of international terrorism without right to life or a fair trial, war kills never have to prove innocence or guilt. I am tired of my tax dollars going to the middle east chaos, be it Muslim or Jew or Christian. Racism is easy with international military industrial complex support. After all, Nasa was run by… Nazis!