Grover Beach SWAT raid linked to explosive device

June 19, 2019

The search of a Grover Beach home Tuesday morning by SWAT teams and the bomb squad was part of an investigation into explosive devices that detonated in the South County city in February.

During the search, officers detained five individuals and cited one person for being under the influence of narcotics, according to the police. But, officers later released all of the individuals, and it remains unclear who is responsible for detonating the explosive devices.

At about 5:30 a.m., Grover Beach officers served a search warrant at a home in the 200 block of South 10th Street with assistance from the SLO County Regional SWAT team, the sheriff’s SWAT team and the SLO County Bomb Squad. SWAT officers climbed on the roof and went in the backyard of a neighbor’s home during the execution of the warrant.

On Oct. 15, 2018, a suspected destructive device was found at Grover Beach Elementary School. The device did not detonate. Officers retrieved the device and preserved it as evidence.

Then on Feb. 26, destructive devices detonated in the 100 block of South 9th Street and the 900 block of Ramona Avenue. No one suffered injuries in the explosions, and investigators obtained evidence from the two scenes.

Detectives determined a person of interest, and police circulated a photo of the individual. Community members responded with many tips, and investigators managed to contact the person of interest.

Police then obtained a search warrant for a home located in close proximity to the locations of the devices. Grover Beach police deployed the SWAT teams and bomb squad out of an abundance of caution and in support of public safety concerns, police said.

An investigation into the case is ongoing. Investigators request that anyone who has information about the case contact Detective Nelida Aceves at (805) 473-4511 or or anonymously call Crime Stoppers at (805) 549-7867.

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Welcome to the “new” era of policing!

If your house needs searched, they’ll bring armored vehicles, body armored SWAT personnel, lots of loaded guns with fingers on the trigger and of course, overwhelming force. For safety.

What did they find? Guns? No. Explosives? Nope. Narcotics for sale? not this time…..illegally grown cannabis? Sadly, no…..nothing like that. They found nothing….

But the “creeps” in the house? Are they taken off the streets? Well, no…..none were even arrested, let alone charged with a crime. In other words, they rolled out the military hardware in order to serve a search warrant and they couldn’t even arrest anyone for anything…not even resisting arrest!

But the entire time, they had their fingers on the trigger, ready to shoot first and answer questions later.

We are so screwed.

Huh? No, they didn’t find an explosives – this time.

But if the person next door is probably making explosives, then yes, I really don’t care if the swat team jumps on my roof at 5am.

“IF” the person next door “might” be making explosives you have no problem with the SWAT team showing up ready to shoot so they can search for these explosives? I guess you’re not a follower of the Constitution.

You’re not thinking clearly sir. The risk of having steroid-taking armed police, fingers on the trigger, in order to serve a search warrant is FAR GREATER than the risk of possibly having neighbors who “might” be making explosives but who keep quiet, etc.

Especially when there are no explosives.

They didn’t even arrest anyone! They found nothing! And yet, the people’s lives were in grave danger the entire time.

This is insane.

You’re paranoid.

Cmon 1965buick everybody knows the constitution states it is the right of the people to keep and bear explosive devices.

Well, you’re right. The constitution protects—never allows—our right to keep and bear arms. That means we can possess gunpowder, caps, shells, casings, etc. Lots of folks reload ammo and therefore have “explosives” that are indeed protected under the Constitution because they are inalienable rights!

The Constitution also protects us from unlawful search and seizure.

You’re saying true things in a mocking way, which shows just how…..”off” you are, Fleet.

Again, they brought out all the deadly force they could muster for a simple search warrant….and they found NOTHING.

Thank God no ones dog was shot.