Clerk-Recorder Tommy Gong requests privacy

July 8, 2019

Tommy and Sherry Gong


My wife, Sherry Gong, is being charged for some criminal actions. I was not aware of this matter until I received a call from an Atascadero Police Department detective recently, and I am not implicated in these matters.

This is a painful, personal family matter, and I ask that my family and I be granted privacy regarding this matter. I deeply love and care for my wife and family, and I will stand by her side and support her during this very difficult time.

At this time, I have no further comments.


No. You are a public figure, and your life is under a microscope.

You say you had no idea your wife had an extra $32K. That’s telling. And you stating you weren’t “implicated” basically says you are throwing her under the bus. Marriage is 50-50. “For better or worse”.

And your claim for privacy is exactly what the members of California Valley CSD cried for as the embezzlement of $330K was discovered, only to be blamed on a single person:the un-vetted “Manager” the board hired. AFTER the crime was discovered, the board closed ranks, refused to cooperate with law enforcement or the investigation, and basically resigned so they wouldn’t be held liable, due to the boards “Good ol boy” tactics and mentality. So….. that request just rings hollow in a county filled with graft.


The only reason many, if not most, CSD’s exist is to distribute graft and enable corruption. The County has a Public Works Department with better oversight that can perform or contract all the services necessary. Regional is more efficient. Contract is even more efficient.


Sorry Tommy, her crimes are against the public and are thus public. Time for you to resign.


Um, NO!

Elected figures get ZERO privacy when it comes to their family stealing from us, the voting taxpayers.



Tommy Gong may have an ‘opinion’ about his expectation of privacy in this matter, but we also have our opinion, and since every member of the public is subject to this bad PR if we are charged with multiple felonies, he needs to understand that the ‘Gong Embezzlement’ story will draw lots of public scrutiny.

I believe the SLO County prosecutors office ought to recuse itself from prosecuting this case, and so should ALL of the judges in SLO County. The case ought to be transferred to Santa Barbara County for adjudication, and SLO County is famous for giving high profile defendants unwarranted sweetheart deals.

Interesting how not one single whacky Democrat dared to denounce these crimes by Mrs. Gong, which literally takes necessary funds from our children. The whacky progressive Democrats are obsessed with protecting their own.

Abandon Democrats in 2020.

Niles Q

Unfortunately this type of embezzlement from a nonprofit has happened before, with the high school boosters club in Morro Bay back in the mid-90s for just one example. I predict the Gong’s will repay the money, she will apologize and resign her position and then get probation.

coronet blue

You are a public figure. Expect no privacy in this matter.


Lock her up…….if we don’t begin to deal with the crimes of elected and appointed people and their family members they will continue to rip us off…..I for one do not want to live under a corrupt bunch of ner do wells in authority….make an example of her if she is indeed found to be guilty…that is what they do with us….


In the HOA I live, I called his office to inquire if any of his pole counters could help with counting ballots at our HOA, he was nice enough to call be back and explain because it was voting season, that they couldn’t spare anyone, but a least he returned the call.