DUI driver crashes into sheriff’s car in Paso Robles

July 22, 2019

An intoxicated driver crashed head-on into a San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s patrol car near the fairgrounds in Paso Robles early Monday morning. [KCOY]

At about midnight, just after the Mid-State Fair closed for the night, a driver crashed a Chevy Colorado pickup truck into a sheriff’s patrol car near 21st and Riverside streets. The collision occurred less than a block away from the fairgrounds.

Deputies were inside the patrol car at the time of the crash, but they did not suffer any injuries. Officers arrested the driver of the pickup for DUI.

Authorities have yet to release further details about the crash.

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So you hit another car and you’re at fault, it’s a POLICE car, an OCCUPIED one no less, AND you’re doing it while DUI drunk at the wheel…..

The only more costly and calamitous WRECK one could have would require the actions and deliberations of the Morro Bay City Council and the South Bay bunch.