Man’s body found on roadside in rural Paso Robles

July 7, 2019

A passerby spotted a man’s body on the side of the road in rural Paso Robles on Sunday morning. [Cal Coast Times]

Shortly before 7 a.m., the witness reported spotting the body of a dead man off Estrella Road near Hog Canyon Road. San Luis Obispo County sheriff deputies arrived to find the body of an Hispanic male near the roadway.

Officials have not yet identified the victim, though the death is considered suspicious. Further information about the death is not being released at this time.

Investigators are asking anyone with information about the victim or his death to call 805-781-4550. Information can also be reported anonymously to Crime Stoppers at 805-549-7867.

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My bet is it was a gang related murder….where are the elected officials?…..what are they doing to end gang violence?…..are they even trying to end it?….where are our tax dollars going?….

Join the discussion…Troll

Join the discussion…I wanted to comment on “Rambunctious” keen observation…. Since the deceased young man is Hispanic, in his mind, it’s gotta be gang related. What else could it be? If the deceased victim was black, that’s tougher. Rambunctious would have to choose the death being either gang related or drug related. If deceased was a white kid, hands down, Meth related. And of course, Rambunctious feels our nations problems are all caused by our elected officials, corrupt and lazy police departments who continue to waste our tax dollars…. My suggestion… lets wait until investigators complete the investigation before “betting” on the untimely death of this young man.

Actually you could not be more wrong the story stated that the death is considered suspicious…that tells me it wasn’t health related or even an accident like a hit and run….if the deceased were white I would have speculated exactly as I did….I really am getting tired of the old racist charge some people find so easy to play….can’t people today think any deeper than that?….if one suggest a dead man on the side of the road could be gang related somehow its racism?…that is silly at best….

Join the discussion…Must you make a suggestion at all regarding this man’s death? You have no clue. Why speculate? Let’s the cops do their job. Reminds me of the Trolls that posted on other websites Angels pitcher Tyler Skaggs MUST of died by opioids. Also racism has got nothing to do with my post. You brought racism up, not me. It’s about common decency and respect for the dead mans family, nothing more.

This is a message board….designed to give a venue for peoples opinions… when the mods put you in charge you can do what you want until then I will speculate and offer my opinion on any topic I see fit….