San Luis Obispo developer’s sentencing delayed a fourth time

July 1, 2019

Ryan Petetit


The sentencing of a developer with close ties to San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill was delayed again, this time to allow the court to consider Ryan Petetit’s sentencing suggestions. [Cal Coast Times]

For the fourth time this year, Petetit’s sentencing for both a 2015 violent assault, and a trial setting conference regarding a drunk in public and resisting arrest case from 2012 were delayed, this time until July 10. Last year, Petetit plead guilty to five felony counts regarding the 2015 violent beating he inflicted on his then 23-year-old girlfriend.

At each sentencing hearing, Petetit has argued for a continuation. On June 27, Petetit filed a sentencing memorandum asking Judge Dodie Harman to sentence him to 90 days in jail for the five felony assault charges.

In the past seven years since Petetit co-founded PB Companies with John Belsher, Petetit has been charged with nine felonies and six misdemeanors including multiple charges related to domestic violence, several for writing bad checks and others for public intoxication. Up until now, Petetit has avoided serving jail time.

Despite having real estate projects in bankruptcy, dozens of tax liens and multiple lawsuits from contractors and vendors suing them for failing to pay their bills, developers Petetit and Belsher remain closely connected to several public officials including Supervisor Hill, SLO Police Chief Deanna Cantrell, and former SLO mayor Jan Marx.

John Belsher, former SLO mayor Jan Marx, Adam Hill and Jody Belsher


In 2015, Supervisor Hill served as a paid consultant for a limited liability corporation affiliated with Petetit and Belsher’s PB Companies, whose project plans Hill openly promoted, government records show.

As a county supervisor representing District 3, Hill has worked to change planning in areas where PB Companies or its principals have interests in construction projects. Hill has also dined with judges assigned to cases regarding Petetit, Belsher or their many companies.

Petetit’s recent criminal history

On Nov. 13, 2018, Petetit plead guilty to assault with great bodily injury, false imprisonment with force, dissuading a witness, and two charges of inflicting corporal injury on a cohabitant. He was scheduled for sentencing in January.

However, on Jan. 17, San Luis Obispo County Judge Barry LaBarbera agreed to a three month delay in sentencing so Petetit could legally change his name to Ryan Joseph Wright. At that time, the trial setting conference for his 2012 arrest was also delayed.

On April 24, Petetit’s attorney, Patrick Fisher, asked to speak to Judge Dodie Harman in chambers to discuss another extension, until after a June hearing in Los Angeles over an objection to Petetit’s requested name change. However, because the assistant district attorney assigned to the case, Kristy Imel, was not at the hearing, Harman declined the meeting and set a sentencing hearing for May 2.

On May, 2, Harman continued the sentencing hearing until late June to allow the SLO County Probation Department time to produce another sentencing report, this one to include a mental health evaluation.

On June 27, Petetit submitted a sentencing memorandum asking Harman to sentence him to 90 days in the San Luis Obispo County Jail for the five felony counts related to the 2015 assault.

On July 10, Petetit is scheduled for sentencing for the assault conviction, and also for a trial setting conference for the 2012 drunk in public and obstruction arrest.


It appears that several of our judges are more interested in socializing and supporting organized crime than supporting the public and promoting justice. First, Judge Martin Tangeman was regularly seen lunching with Adam Hill and Bruce Gibson. His reward, the pair recommended him to the governor for a seat on the appellate court, which he got.

Then an Oceano CSD director, now Judge Matt Guerrero, helped promote the criminal actions of John Wallace. He also supported Adam Hill’s trolls in harassing anyone who questioned Hill’s corruption. His reward, Hill and Gibson asked the governor to appoint Matt to a seat on the SLO County bench, which he got.

DA Dan Dow is also culpable. He appears more worried about his political aspirations than justice in SLO County. Justice is supposed to be blind. Its time to support those who promote honesty, integrity and justice for all.

The chief of police socializing with alleged criminals while her officers investigate allegations her buddy stole from seniors, really!


SLO County name fits our court system. Although KRUPT Couny would be be more appropriate.

Ted R

It is my understanding that there is a full feature documentary being produced about Team Adam Hill and the fraud committed on the court by James Wagstaffe. They said, “the whole story will be told.”


So now convicted felons get to submit sentencing suggestions? Well, isn’t that nice? I hope the young lady he tortured, and whose face he bashed in gives the court a few suggestions too.


A case of enough is enough. This guy needs to go up the river for awhile. I hope whoever has been wronged by this guy or his “companies” continue to put the heat on him. No rest no matter what his name is (M-u-d).


How do you drag out a drunk-in-public case for 7 years? Only in SLO, only with Team Adam Hill.


It is likely the district attorney and the court were protecting Petetit. If he had a prior conviction, his felony charges would lead to more time. A favor for the protected class.


At least we know Adam Hill is working hard for something. Remind me again why Petitit is changing his name? Name changes are usually due to familial relationships and occur earlier in life. I’ m guessing Ryan “Wright” will have a better chance hiding his past.



Justice delayed is justice denied.

It is simply outrageous that this close friend of Adam Hill, Ryan Petetit, could be convicted of five felonies and yet the judge will not sentence him for his conviction of these crimes.

Shame on SLO 3rd District Supervisor Adam Hill, SLO City Police Chief Deanna Cantrell, and former SLO Mayor Jan Marx for coddling and encouraging thisman who assaults females in relationship violence. This case is just further indication that the liberal Democrats are not serious about #MeToo, and only view women’s issues as a campaign tool.

I say let’s recall Judge Dodie Harman and Judge Barry LaBarbara to show the judicial community in SLO County that we will not tolerate judges who usurp the verdict of juries, and I believe we should all show up in court on the day Mr. Petetit is sentenced to show support for law & order and the proper administration of justice.

How about it Judge LaBarbara, do you want to uphold the rule-of-law or do you ant to take your orders from politicians like Adam Hill and give Ryan Petetit a weak-on-crime sentence?

Ryan Petetit deserves AT LEAST five years in state prison for his 5 felony convictions.


What you have failed to consider is what Ryan Petetit might know about corruption extending beyond him. He didn’t do this all on his own. He probably has a few people’s balls in a vise, so to speak. The question is whose, and why? And why is Dodie Harmon covering for him? The political independence of the judiciary in SLO County is a charade. Everything is settled at the right cocktail parties within the right social circles.


Time to call in the State A.G. Unless he is on the payoff too.


Xavier Becerra are you kidding…..cut from the same cloth as Dan Dow, useless both of them