SLO man allegedly sent racist threats on Hallmark cards

July 3, 2019

San Luis Obispo police are asking anyone who received an anonymous Hallmark card with a flag on it to call the the police department. The 62-year-old man officers arrested on Sunday for threatening to shoot minorities moving into his neighborhood, mailed his threats on Hallmark cards with American flags. [Cal Coast Times]

Richard Vincent Orcutt allegedly sent the threatening letters to property management companies, property owners and possibly renters of homes on his street. The Hallmark cards display an American flag and contain no return address or name, police said.

Early Sunday morning, local SWAT officers served a search warrant at Orcutt’s home in the 1300 block of Cavalier Lane. During their search of the homes, detectives found and seized several handguns, rifles, shotguns and thousands of rounds of ammunition, according to police.

Officers then booked Orcutt into the San Luis Obispo County Jail on three felony threat and hate crimes charges with his bail set at $500,000. Orcutt posted bail and was released from custody on Sunday.

Investigators are asking anyone who received one of the cards or knows someone who has to contact the police department.


His first crime was paying $5.00 for a cheap Hallmark card!


lol….good one Mjd….

and cmon people….only losers do things like this…lets be nice…we are all Americans in the same boat….its fine to argue and debate but we must remain together…or we will fail….just like the rest…..


#1 A threat of harm gets a swat team rolling? #2 he had guns, so do lots of people, that’s known as your second amendment right. #3 One half million dollar bail when we read here of actual crimes committed against others and they more less walk? Think Mr A’hole SLO employee who knocked a Hispanic woman to the ground in MR. Dicks? Hate crime?, he white and he Hispanic, guess not. That must be considered kids play there.Well…he did get 30 days in the kiddie detention jail though. Way to go SLO county, as always your hypocrisy shines like a guiding beacon of dysfunction.


A concerted effort to scare and intimidate your neighbors by threatening to kill minorities should not be defended in any way.

It didn’t take long for you to rationalize his behavior in your book of offenses comparing it to other heinous acts.

Poof thereby giving a gun obsessed racist a pass. Nice job snoid.

BTW most gun owners don’t threaten to kill their neighbors for merely existing.

His bail should be higher not lower. They should have used the K 9 unit in addition to SWAT.


I did not rationalize his behavior, key word behavior, not actions like in killing somebody. And the guy who shot his neighbors dog with a high power rifle from a sniper tower in Creston several months ago was it?? this could have easily taken out a kid playing on the property as as well. Swat come for him,nope, he get a half million bail, nope, the dog wasn’t a minority. And the dude who just killed and burned the Utah girl? he is black, she was white, why is that not a hate crime? Get my point yang?


Did the guy who shot the dog send out letters in advance? Nope. If he did you can bet he would have seen the SWAT team as well.

You don’t like that this guy is up for a hate crimes and others who are more worthy are not. That was your point. You were making an argument using a technique called; rationalization. It allows you to ignore the case at hand.

My child tries that one all the time; everybody does it. No biggie.

Please continue to bend over backwards defending racism and threatening behavior as if we’re no big deal.


His retort; as in diversion is a typical trait of nationalistic racism ,so common in America; ie Border Patrol scandal, Russia and Saudi cushy friendships, by pointing out something else someone did, all too common in this politic day and age. Never admit fault, just put it elsewhere. Until we all unite together; some day. White Nationalism is as labeled Domestic Terrorist group, a Christian and Political Conservative religious organization of Radical low IQ idiots. With ties to Atascadero Police chief through family FYI. IE, politicizing fourth of July, a holiday held up on the shoulders of Slavery :(. Merica