Teen killed at the Oceano Dunes

July 14, 2019

An 18-year-old man died in a motorcycle crash at the Ocean Dunes on Saturday afternoon. [Cal Coast Times]

Shortly after 3 p.m., the teen was riding a motorcycle behind another rider on a 30 foot dune when the teen lost control of his bike and hit the ground. State Park rangers and lifeguards responded to the scene and found the teen unconscious and without a pulse.

Responders performed CPR for about 20 minutes. Medics then arrived at the scene and pronounced the teen dead.

The teen was wearing a helmet, according to state parks. Investigators say neither alcohol nor drugs appear to have been factors in the crash.

The Sacramento teen was visiting the Oceano Dunes. The San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office is conducting an investigation into his death.

The sixth fatality at the dunes this year follows a vote by the California Coastal Commission to require State Parks to develop a safety plan.

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Over the years I’ve been supportive of leaving the dunes open to off-roaders since it’s the only place on the beach in CA they can do this. I don’t enjoy it myself, but I thought others should be able to. But the number of these deaths is getting ridiculous.

I’m generally in favor of letting people be stupid if they want to, but I’m starting to wonder about that at Oceano. Not only will some drunk adult who should know better possibly kill themselves, but they could also kill another innocent person who doesn’t see them coming. It’s just one disaster after another it seems. And more waiting to happen.

Plus, this is a blight on an otherwise beautiful streach of beach anyways–the vehicles and, let’s be honest–many of the off-roader crowd.

I think it’s time to rid our coastline of this danger, restore the natural beauty, and send the offroaders back out to the desert.

I’m sure this won’t be a popular post here.

Ok, so what about the highways and byways around here? How many have died from DUI related causes? Should those roads (101 included) be shut off due to a few “Darwin” related accidents?

Believe it or not, I am in general agreement with you. The main issue that I have is that IF accidents are to be the main determining factor in if a park is open THEN a case may be made for other parks that YOU may like to go to should be closed.