Deputies raid illegal pot dealers in Nipomo and Arroyo Grande

August 30, 2019

After seizing approximately 2,800 plants from an illegal marijuana cultivation grow site in Santa Maria, Santa Barbara County sheriff deputies raided four homes used for storing and delivering the illicit crop including two in San Luis Obispo County. [Cal Coast Times]

After a months long investigation, deputies served a search warrant at a pot grow in the area of Morning Hill and Dominion roads in Santa Maria. Deputies seized and eradicated some 2,800 illegally grown cannabis plants, Lt. Erik Raney announced on Wednesday.

Over two days, deputies working along with Department of Fish and Wildlife officers, raided four homes used as delivery service hubs for the illicit crop including homes in Nipomo, rural Arroyo Grande, Santa Maria and rural Santa Maria. At each of the homes, deputies found pot packaged for sale and processed marijuana.

In addition, deputies also discovered a butane honey oil lab at one of the homes, Raney said.

While no arrests were made during the raids, the investigators have identified multiple suspect and plan to ask the Santa Barbara County District Attorney’s Office to file criminal charges.

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“The buying and selling of dope in this country may be the last vestige of free enterprise left.” Sargent Stedenko, Up In Smoke, 1978.

Weed is legal if you contribute millions of dollars to politicians. If you do not, weed is still legal if you purchase small amounts from the folks who contributed millions of dollars to politicians.

But if you didn’t contribute millions, and you didn’t buy a small amount, but decided to grow a large amount and sell it to other free folk……well…..that’s illegal.

The fact that nearly all these “illegal” grows-ops were legal at 11:59:59 on December 31st, 2017….but became illegal a second later still hasn’t sunk in to the people running these operations.

There were growing legally when pot was illegal, but now that it’s legal they are growing illegally.

So, the moral of the story:

Contribute to politicians now…..or contribute the the legal system later. Either way, you’re gonna pay…..’cuz pot is legal.

What’s with all this police state action? I thought weed was legal (but don’t smoke if your pregnant).

Weed is legal, with certain restrictions and in certain conditions. If you don’t meet those conditions and restrictions, then it is not. Geeesshh… how hard is that to understand? That is the way that most, if not all, laws are.

Exactly… the same thing can be said about alcohol. Legal to mass produce if you pay for the permits and facility, also legal to make at home in small quantities for personal use, but not ok to mass produce for sale at home or facility without proper permits.

Cannabis rules are even less restricting if a person isn’t motivated by greed/$. Anyone can setup a caregiver garden and grow as many plants as medically needed for 5 patients as long as you follow the rules (ie. no 50 plant outdoor garden in the middle of a town.). You can only recover expenses with a caregiver garden, can’t make 1cent of profit. Most legit caregivers take a big loss because they believe in what they are doing and want to help others that need the relief cannabis gives them from their illness and are not motivated by money.

Unfortunately for every legit caregiver there are probably 1000’s more like in this story that are just motivated by $ and will break every rule in pursuit of it.

Good to see somebody getting high off all this legal pot cause it sure isn’t the consumer.