Inmates overdose on opioids at Santa Barbara County Jail

August 30, 2019


Nine Santa Barbara County Jail inmates overdosed on opioids on Thursday, according to the sheriff’s department. [Cal Coast Times]

At about 3 p.m., an inmate collapsed inside one of the dormitory units at the main jail, which is located between Santa Barbara and Goleta. Jail staff administered Narcan, an antidote for opioids, and called for paramedics.

Around the same time, several other inmates started displaying symptoms of an opioid overdose and were ultimately take to the hospital, as well.

It is unclear what substance the inmates were using and how they obtained it. Deputies are investigating the incident.

Niles Q

Next up? The lawsuits for negligence in not keeping the inmates safe in a drug free environment…

Thank God for Narcan or all these people might of died.


Indeed, thank God for lives saved.

What a welcome word that is, Niles. Lives matter.


NOTE: According to SBSO Sheriff’s press release, five DEPUTIES also had to be treated for opioid “exposure.”

“In addition to the inmates, three Custody Deputies were evaluated and treated at the hospital, and two more were treated at the jail. All five of the Custody Deputies were treated for symptoms related to opioid exposure. All of the deputies and inmates involved in the incident are expected to make a full recovery.”


Take the goodies from the recent pot raids, give it to the inmates. Problem solved.


Well that’s one way to reduce prison overcrowding….


How did they get the opiates?

Well, obviously someone brought them into the jail. Was it an inmate who swallowed a balloon and “retrieved” it later? Could be….

Was it an inmate who was able to bring the drugs in via a body cavity? Yep. This is a possibility.

However, people are searched carefully when being booked into jail. So, while it’s a possibility that inmates brought the drugs into the jail there’s another angle we must consider……

Cops provided the drugs and sold them to the inmates and/or gave them to the inmates for one reason or another.

It is highly likely that cops brought the drugs in because they aren’t searched….the inmates are. There’s precedent for this too.