August, 2019

Two Arroyo Grande Men died of carbon monoxide poisoning

The two Arroyo Grande men who were found dead on a boat offshore of southern Santa Barbara County in June died of carbon monoxide poisoning, the coroner said on Friday. On June 29, Christopher Avila, 49, and Gary Bishop, 53,... (Continue reading)

Juvenile shot in the stomach in Santa Maria

A shooting in Santa Maria on Thursday left a juvenile male with a gunshot wound to his stomach, according to the city’s fire department. [Cal Coast Times] In early afternoon, a person with a gun fired at the victim in... (Continue reading)

SLO County sees 32 percent spike in homelessness

San Luis Obispo County’s homeless population spiked by 32 percent between 2017 and 2019, according to a newly released county report. [Cal Coast Times] This January, officials counted 1,483 homeless individuals in SLO County. In 2017, the county’s homeless population... (Continue reading)

Chinese company indicted in $1.8 billion tariff fraud scheme

A federal grand jury indicted a Chinese company on Tuesday for allegedly conducting a complex financial fraud scheme to avoid paying tariff’s on huge amounts of aluminum it exported from China to ports in California. [Cal Coast Times] The company... (Continue reading)

Missing Santa Barbara hiker found alive

After a two-day search, a missing hiker and Santa Barbara County employee was found alive on Tuesday in a remote area near the planned endpoint of his hike. [Cal Coast Times] Wesley Welch, 46, is a business manager and fiscal... (Continue reading)

Local governments doing less at a higher cost

Local government agencies in California are offering fewer services and reducing employees numbers because of rising pension costs. Median pension costs for local governments in California rose at a rate nearly six times that of local agencies nationwide between 2007... (Continue reading)

Nearly 5,000 customers lost electricity in Morro Bay

A power outage caused nearly 5,000 customers to lose electricity in Morro Bay early Thursday morning. The outage started at about 1 a.m. and affected the southern and central parts of Morro Bay. As of 8 a.m., only 499 customers... (Continue reading)