San Luis Obispo water company sells to Nestle

August 7, 2019

A water company headquartered for decades in San Luis Obispo has sold to the world’s largest food and drink business, Nestle. [Cal Coast Times]

This month, Nestle took over ownership of Crystal Springs Water Co. from the Mulay family. The company, which has been delivering water to San Luis Obispo County for more than 100 years, had been locally owned and operated for more than 60 years by the Mulay and Downing families.

Crystal Springs began as a water bottling and delivery company. Over the past century, it grew into a business that offers delivery of drinking, fluoridated and distilled water, as well as water softening systems and commercial coffee and tea service.

The company’s water comes from the springs located behind its corporate headquarters at 3215 Rockview Place in SLO. When Nestle took over the business, Crystal Springs was delivering bottled water to locations across San Luis Obispo and northern Santa Barbara counties.

As the change in ownership has taken effect, some customers have told Cal Coast Times they have not been receiving their water deliveries.

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Nestle did not buy the water rights or the property.

Just for information according to the article I read in the rag the Mulay family did not sell the springs nor property to Nestle. I’m sure there is a non compete clause in the sale.

Just selling your market share is nothing new. Why sell the cow when you can just sell the thirst of others?

Two big commodities for our future: water and energy. MrYan is absolutely correct. Some large organizations, like nestle, buy large vineyards, not for the grapes, but for the precious water below. He (or she) who controls the water is King (or Queen). Certainly can’t blame people for selling property or a water company, and making some money but once local control is gone…it’s gone. Always do your homework rather than believe the sales pitch…

Property did not sell. Neither did the water rights

Wasn’t Nestle involved with some shady water contracts up north, paying well below current rates for water or such?

I’d be concerned as to what Nestle’s future plans are. They pump and ship millions of gallons out of the basin in LA area to ship out bottled water worldwide. Depletion of the basin for profit when in a drought.

The Resnicks, local winery owners, who also own Fiji Water pump so much that the local farmers cannot irrigate their own crops to feed their local population.

When water is in the ground it is “Ours”, once pumped it becomes “Theirs”—a commodity to sell.

These corporate “farmers” don’t take what they need-like most family farmers.

They take what they can take. Nestle doesn’t do things small. Beware.

Following the same train of thought – how about the Firestone Brewery? They are sucking out our local water and sell their beers all over the place, expanding into other states.