SLO police chief loses her gun, and now her car

August 22, 2019

Chief Deanna Cantrell

A little more than a month after San Luis Obispo Chief Police Deanna Cantrell’s gun was taken from a restaurant bathroom, her personal car was stolen from Santa Margarita, according to a law enforcement source. [Cal Coast Times]

The chief’s son had parked Cantrell’s Hyundai Elantra in Santa Margarita. On Wednesday afternoon, he discovered the car had been stolen.

Officers found the car six hours later in Daly City, with a naked woman inside, according to KSBY. Officers arrested the woman.

Last month, Cantrell left her pistol on the toilet paper holder in the bathroom of an El Pollo Loco restaurant. A day later, the man who found the loaded gun turned it into law enforcement.

Even so, Cantrell’s department asked the district attorney to charge the man with grand theft of a firearm, possession of stolen property and carrying a loaded firearm in public. Her request was denied.

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I am surprised at the lack of appreciation for the guy who turned it in a day later..

maybe he was the guy who took it, but maybe he wasn’t.. whatever the case, whoever took it decided to make a good choice and give it back.

That’s not something you make a scene over and punish him for.

I know officers who have lost their jobs over misplacing their gun, and when it’s been stolen.

Does she not ever think about the mercy SHE has been given? And shouldn’t she at some point show some mercy herself?

But the most disgusting thing of all, which I just don’t know how she can sleep at night or even look at herself in the mirror, is what she’s done to that guy who’s house was raided and his poor kids taken into foster care over a dirty house?

Karma can’t come soon enough for her, but obviously it’s on its way. And snowballing, that department is so out of control.

Epic failure.

And by the way, people commenting on her looks and or speculation over her sexual orientation is not necessary. It’s offensive. Crude. And juvenile. and frankly, none of your business anyway.

Comment on her behavior.

Real life shouldn’t be a beauty pageant or a popularity contest. But it is because of people who comment like this, shallow personalities that perpetuate this toxic nonsense. Be a better person…

And it’s too bad. She has accomplished so much to get this far. She also needs to be a better person.

Power. Too much power will either corrupt you until you are the villain, or will make you a hero (regardless if anyone notices you, your actions or your good deeds or not).

Such a shame and a waste of a good career.

Who said it was the Chiefs son involved with the nudie maybe it was the chief.

I thought it was SLO County we were speaking of, right? Sounds more like Hazzard County to me….

Sheeezz! How much longer will the populace of SLO put up with this embarrassment?

So. We. Were. Wondering. Did. This. Girl. Have. A. Relationship. With. The. Chiefs. Son. ? Did. They. Get. In. A. Fight. And. She. Took. The. Car. Was. She. Arressted. For. Indecent. Exposure and. For. Stealing. Car. Why. Was. She. Naked. I. Hope. This. Isnt. Another. Cover. Up. Take. Care. Everyone. Enjoyed. Reading. Your. Comments.

The biggest surprise of this story is that she has a son.