SLO police officers break man’s arm during arrest, video

August 29, 2019

Gregory Bratt


The San Luis Obispo Police Department released a video Thursday of officers breaking the arm of a man who was resisting arrest. [Cal Coast Times]

On May 29, dispatchers sent two officers to the Chevron station at the corner of Higuera and Marsh streets to respond to a 911 call about a man who had allegedly stolen several signs. The caller said the same man swiped other property in days prior.

Officers stopped the suspect, Gregory Bratt, 28, who denied taking any property. After determining the man had a warrant for his arrest, the officers attempted to handcuff Bratt. Bratt resisted arrest while he asked the officers over and over why he was being arrested.

“Why am I getting arrested sir?” Bratt asks. “For what? What the f**k did I do?”

Bratt struggled with officers who did not disclose at that time the reason for the arrest. During the struggle, Bratt’s arm was broken and Officer Daniel Bravo injured his knee.

Following the arrest, police found 1.2 grams of methamphetamine in Bratt’s personal property, police said.

In the video, Chief Deanna Cantrell said the use of force was found to be justified under department policy. The SLO Police Department sent recommended charges of resisting arrest, possession of a controlled substance, and grand theft to the District Attorney’s Office.


Plenty to see here folks, a little video of how we the police treat people something to keep your little minds occupied while we keep sweeping the lost gun and treatment of the citizens on O Conner Way under the rug, little bit more time and you’ll forget all about it, now watch the swinging watch.


Cops misbehave and the authorities and their drones tell us: “You can’t judge them from your sofa. Unless you’ve been there and experienced the stress of a life-or-death decision you need to STFU.”

This is their way of saying, “Show some mercy to police, they have a tough job keeping you safe.”

OK… let’s turn it around. How about we realize that Mr. Bratt resisted arrest and that we can’t judge his actions from our sofas. Unless you’ve been there and experienced the stress of being arrested you don’t know if you would struggle or not.”

This would be extending some mercy to an otherwise calm individual who “lost it” when he got arrested. Cut him some slack.

See how that works? Cops get all the mercy. Serf’s get none, and their stress reactions cost them dearly, while the cops’ actions are excused.

Someone please explain to me how we are a modern, just society when this double standard is literally ingrained in our psyches?


On the last page I had some pension collecting former cops take a personal interest in my views while ignoring the video…..labelling me “anti-cop,” and “scumbag.”

I can go on and on about why I don’t like police. Instead, I’ll just cite a couple easily verifiable statistics and everyone can draw their own conclusions.

In the USA in 2018 there were 372 cases of Measles with zero deaths. In 2017 there were 120 cases with zero deaths. The entire nation is in an uproar over measles and people are afraid of them or their children catching this “deadly” disease.

In 2018 there were 1083 officer involved killings, while in 2017 there were 1241 officer involved killings.

Zero deaths for measles over the last two years but we’re all scared to death. Meanwhile, the “good guys” killed a couple thousand and a handful more. Apples to oranges? Yep. Unless you focus on the the propaganda.

We are supposed to be afraid of measles and worship cops. But being in the presence of a cops is far, far more deadly than catching measles! We’re supposed to praise the police for writing us tickets, taking steroids, breaking arms and keeping us safe—-only killing a couple thousand or so—but we’re supposed to be afraid of measles?

Game theory says clearly that cops are far more lethal than measles. If you want to save lives, stay away from cops. They can’t shoot you or break your arm if you’re not in their presence.

If you’re unlucky enough to be in the physical vicinity of a cop, and you want to survive, do everything they say, keep your mouth shut and allow them to humiliate you any way they wish……because when dealing with a cop, you’re dealing with something thousands of times more deadly than measles.

Look up my stats. They’re 100% accurate.


SLO should shore up its budget deficit and sell this footage to COPS.

Bad boys, bad boys…


Given the F-Word-upped condition of the SLOPD, I guess we should give thanks and praise that the cops didn’t shoot Gregory Bratt (at first glance I thought that was a bullet hole in his forehead) or more likely themselves.

At least these two cops didn’t leave their service firearms in the gas station’s crapper. For the F-Word-upped SLOPD today, that’s something to be celebrated.


Sure Chief lets have some transparency. Show us how two trained professional officers have to break an arm to arrest one guy. How about the same transparency with the couple you falsely arrested that wasn’t even in your jurisdiction. How come you haven’t shared that video with the public.


We all know none of that evidence exists anymore. I’m sure any and all recordings pertaining to the chief losing her gun and the unwarranted destruction of an innocent family were immediately destroyed.