SLO police want charges against man who found chief’s gun

August 13, 2019

Skeeter Mangan

The San Luis Obispo Police Department referred its investigation into the man who found the chief’s gun in a bathroom to the District Attorney’s Office for consideration of charges on Monday. [Cal Coast Times]

Police are asking prosecutors to consider charging Skeeter Mangan of Los Osos with grand theft of a firearm, possession of stolen property and carrying a loaded firearm in public.  Prosecutors have not yet taken a position on the request, according to District Attorney Dan Dow.

“The District Attorney’s Office is obligated under law to review this investigation, and all of the evidence contained in the investigation, in order to make a determination of whether a crime was committed and whether there is sufficient evidence to prove the crime, and if so, whether it would be in the interest of justice to pursue charges,” Dow said in an email.

At about noon on July 10, Chief Deanna Cantrell left her pistol in the bathroom of an El Pollo Loco restaurant. A short time later, Mangan walked into the bathroom and discovered the loaded and unattended firearm on top of a toilet paper dispenser.

Mangan put the gun in his pocket, left the restaurant, rode his moped scooter home, and put the firearm in a dresser drawer.

After spotting Mangan on the news on July 11, as the person suspected of having the chief’s gun, Mangan’s brother-in-law, Sean Greenwood, drove to Los Osos to ask Mangan about the firearm.

“My dear brother-in-law not only found a loaded and chambered Glock (a pistol with only one safety, on the trigger) in a public restroom, he removed it moments before a 10-year-old boy entered the room,” Greenwood said. “I asked my brother-in-law about what had happened, he explained to me he didn’t know what to do with the gun so he placed it in a drawer and contemplated how to find the owner.”

Greenwood then called the SLO Police Department and spoke with a dispatcher who sent officers to Los Osos to collect the firearm. The officers thanked Greenwood and Mangan, and said they did not plan to charge Mangan based on Penal Code 485, Greenwood said.

According to Penal Code 485, a person is guilty of theft if they find property, and appropriate the property for their own use, “without first making reasonable and just efforts to find the owner and to restore the property to the owner.”

It was only after reading a Tribune article that claimed Greenwood turned his brother-in-law in, that Mangan’s family discovered the police department had asked the SLO County District Attorney’s Office to consider charging Mangan with possession of a stolen firearm.

“Little did Skeeter know, he would be ridiculed and labeled by media and some, to me, quite broken souls commenting about his appearance. When really, if you stop and think about it, he quite possibly saved a child’s life by removing the firearm,” Greenwood said.


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The progressive lesbian police chief must be protected at all costs, no matter how many people’s right must be violated and lives destroyed.

This is the new reality for the City of San Luis Obispo.

The City that claims to be pro environment, but crams houses on every vacant piece of land they can find while building multi story abominations downtown to crowd out the sky.

The City that celebrates diversity yet denies a statute honoring a president because he was a white man.

The City that advocates affordable housing but is requiring new houses be all electric instead allowing more affordable natural gas for cooking and heating.


Every penny, every nickel, every quarter and every dollar is going to be billed to anybody who lives in San Luis Obispo for a lawsuit when this defendant files a suit against the police department. Since the police chief doesn’t want to step down for her corruption, this guy is going to file a big fat heavy lawsuit on the city. I blame the city council, I blame the city manager, I blame this San Luis Obispo City attorney for not stepping up to demand that the police chief step down. The chief of police is a Democrat and she’s surrounded by democrats throughout the city, from the Democrat city council, to the Democrat City attorney, to the Democrat city manager and there are many more people that are supporting the chief because they’re Democrats. There are some cops in the police department that would like to see her go because the morality of the police department now is at an all-time low. Since the police chief has failed us, they’re not going to get their new police department they’ve been requesting for city taxpayers to give them an upgraded police department because of the antics of the chief right now. If she was a good cop and she was playing it right all along, she could still be campaigning to get a new police department but no one’s going to want to give the police department a new department now because the morale is completely gone until they have new leadership.

Right now the San Luis Obispo Police department looks really bad and as long as she stays in the department then it’s going to continue to be corrupt. I know the sheriff’s department wouldn’t stand for it, I know the California Highway patrol wouldn’t stand for it either but the San Luis Obispo police department is corrupt, the longer she stays in because she doesn’t want to step down, so now she’s blaming the defendant who they illegally broke into his house without a warrant, separated as kids etc. Isn’t it so ironic that we’re allowing the chief and her colleagues to file charges when they’re going to be sued vice-versa and it’s going to cost everybody in San Luis Obispo, it’s called lawsuit taxes.



Shame on the City of San Luis Obispo.

Instead of charging this special needs adult with felony theft, why doesn’t the SLO Police Department recommend charges against the real criminal, Police Chief Deanna Cantrell?

Mayor Heidi Harmon and the SLO Police Department ought to be deeply embarrassed about this whole sordid affair, and it is ludicrous to criminalize the person who found and RETURNED the police chief’s loaded service weapon. It doesn’t make sense.

Heidi Harmon and the corrupt leadership in the City of San Luis Obispo are covering up the criminal behavior of Police Chief Deanna Cantrell, and the police chief doesn’t deserve to get to just walk away from her violation of state law, and then recommend charges against the person who found and returned her weapon. The hypocrisy of these whacky progressives is breathtaking, and the silence of the local liberals signals their moral bankruptcy.

We deserve better than hypocritical leaders who lecture the rest of us about our perceived slights, then use their positions to cover up the criminal behavior of their friends. For Heidi Harmon, Aaron Gomez, Carlyn Christianson, etc. to remain silence in the face of this clear injustice only shows that the so-called progressives pick and choose who they will advocate for, and they deserve to be thrown out of office.

Skeeter Mangan deserves a proclamation of thanks from the City of SLO, not a criminal indictment.

Enough is enough.


Again, no mention of Dan Dow, none at all! That’s your achillea’s heal Mjd, ’cause if I remember correctly you said you voted for and support SLO’s D.A. and now you’re ignoring the role he will have in this?

It reeks of divisive partisanship; ignoring the wrongs of your own Party of Trump The Pervert, which Dan Dow is a member of, while gettin’ all combative over the pickin’ and choosin’ these evil progressives do.

Get real, recognize the fact that the Party of Trump The Pervert is as adapt at your “pickin’ and choosin'” as any progressive and deal with the man/woman/person who is at fault without the partisanship bullchit!


This is SO shameful… the Chief has mercy shown on her, she still has a job. Then she presses for the DA to prosecute a troubled man who turned it in. Once, I had some respect, NOW i have total disdain for the Chief. Cheap, lousy and hypocritical. Clean house SLO.


And if every Officer that does not support the Chief does not catch the Blue Flu they are just as guilty and deserve the same disdain.


Did the pistol say “Property of SLO PD” on it? Or could someone reasonably assume it was left there for nefarious purposes? If I found a pistol in a restroom, I would conceal it and check out the people in the area. If they looked shady I would not announce to the room “Hey, whose gun is this?”


I had a conversation with my wife the other day about that, if the cop was still sitting in the room I would have looked to see an empty holster and then announced in a loud voice hey cop you left your gun in the restroom, if there was no cop keep quiet and call 911.


What a waste of taxpayers money.


Why is there not a high powered lawyer helping this poor guy, Cheyne Orndoff? Does someone know why? This is all so disgusting and Cantrell needs to be fired! I am so surprised that someone other than a public defender would be wanting to help this guy.


He has a GoFundMe page. Can you help?


Yes- I have given to his fund. My contribution is probably not even enough to get his dog out of impound though. This just seems like the kind of case that would have lawyers jumping at him to take on this case. I was just wondering if someone knew why that hasn’t happened.

Godless Heathen

We live in an upside down world, in a Twlight Zone episode where criminal police arrest innocent citizens, where our most basic, hard fought for laws are so arrogantly tossed aside as if they aren’t really that important. This is a grave danger to all citizens.


Does SLOPD and DA have no problem inflicting mental abuse on an extremely introverted passive guy to perpetuate the skewed reality of Chief Cantrell as a victim? I don’t know if Skeeter could have passed a background gun check, but the detective receiving the gun back the next day should have looked it up.

This is the only question that matters: Did Skeeter “Willfully Disregard” a law which he knew about? If yes, then I’m an idiot for responding here. If no, then that’s Procedural Omission/Ignorance of the law/procedure. You don’t ruin someone’s life over the comprehension of something they haven’t been taught and could still be determining what to do next. .if that person is obliviously going about their business, you give them encouragement and direction like his brother-in-law did.. Skeeter may not fit within the normal bell curve and actually may need some assistance especially now that he appears to be a victim of Deflection by the city..


The SLOPD and DA HAVE NO PROBLEM AT ALL doing just what you described.