Suspect arrested after gunman fires shots at Santa Maria home

August 16, 2019

Jose Gilbert Sendejas

Santa Maria police arrested a man after a suspect fired shots at a home in a residential neighborhood Friday morning.

At about 8:20 a.m., shots were fired at the home on the 1400 block of Elm Street. Gunfire struck the home, but no one suffered injuries as a result of the shooting. [KSBY]

Shortly after the shooting, officers arrested Jose Gilbert Sendejas, 30, on a charge of being a felon in possession of a firearm.

Officers detained multiple suspects following the shooting, though police have not announced arrests of anyone other than Sendejas. Police said they were investigating Sendejas’ possible involvement in the shooting.

A woman who lives in the house that was struck by gunfire said she was not home at the time of the shooting, but other members of her family were. The woman had taken her son to school when an officer called to inform her about the shooting.

Police have not disclosed a possible motive for the shooting.


How’s that gun control working for ya California? I got a better solution, make attempted murder more illegal….oh wait!…



Under Mayor Patino and the failed city council, Santa Maria has become gang infested and is now a dangerous, violent place to live.

Santa Maria is a sanctuary city, and taxes are going up to pay for handouts to illegal aliens.



Doing the job Americans don’t want to do!


SanctuSanta Maria. Start your morning with a little bang, bang, bang.

Who needs coffee?


US recent mass shooting were white young Christian males. This might be a podium for racism here, facts are facts. Look at mass shooting statistics via the Feds. Gilroy, El Paso, white young men of Christian faith whom favored Trump.


The face of another released too early from jail and NOT deported ILLEGAL INVADER.

Do it to it ICE. He’s waiting for your visit.




……..a possible motive…gee it couldn’t be gang related, could it?


Of course not, Mayor Patino is always saying Santa Maria does not have a gang problem. So voters must agree they keep putting her in office.


I’ve noticed, our esteemed El Mayor, doesn’t live in these neighborhoods , the ones with “No gang problems”. Maybe she should go outside of her gated neighborhood and look at real life now and then. I live in a gated neighborhood with gang issues, what really doesn’t help is the new rules, single family dwellings can have as many people as they want living in them now. 20 or 25 in a 3 bedroom house seems about right. The going price now is $125/per person, per month. 25 times $500 per month is $12,500 total, my mortgage is $1500, I could live in Santa Barbara next door to Oprah with an Extra $11,000 per month. Of course, the house would get trashed……


Please clarify, is it $125/month or $500/month?


No one said there would be math today.

My head hurts.