Trump sues California over tax return law

August 6, 2019

President Donald Trump

President Donald Trump and the Republican Party filed lawsuits on Tuesday against the state of California for enacting a law that requires presidential candidates to release their tax returns in order to appear on the ballot in California. [Cal Coast Times]

Last week, California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed into law SB 27. The new law requires candidates for president and governor to submit copies of every income tax return they filed with the Internal Revenue Service over the last five years at least 98 days before the state’s primary election.

In response, Trump sued the state of California in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of California. Trump’s suit names California Secretary of State Alex Padilla and Attorney General Xavier Becerra. The lawsuit argues federal law does not allow states to impose their own qualifications for federal office.

“The Democratic Party is on a crusade to obtain the president’s federal tax returns in the hopes of finding something they can use to harm him politically,” Trump’s lawsuit states. “In their rush to join this crusade, California Democrats have run afoul of these restrictions on state power over federal elections.”

Likewise on Tuesday, three California voters, the California Republican Party and the Republican National Committee jointly sued the state, also in the federal court for the Eastern District of California. The Republican Party lawsuit names Newsom and Padilla.

Both Trump and the Republican Party allege in their suits that SB 27 constitutes a violation of the First Amendment. Additionally, the the state Republican Party and its chairwoman, Jessica Patterson, filed a writ with the California Supreme Court asking that SB 27 be declared unconstitutional.

Gov. Gavin Newsom

“The California and U.S. constitutions are crystal clear on theses issues,” Patterson said in a statement. “Governor Newsom should have followed the lead of his predecessor, Governor Brown, and vetoed this proposal. Instead, precious time and resources must be spent in state and federal court to rule on this crystal clear issue.”

Patterson also accuses Newsom and California’s Democratic-controlled Legislature of adopting the law in attempt to suppress Republican turnout during the primary election.

“Historically, voter turnout is driven by the top of the ticket races — and by attempting to remove those top ticket candidates, Governor Newsom and the Democratic Legislature who adopted this measure are hoping to keep Republicans home,” Patterson said. “Their goal is to ensure Democrat candidates qualify in California’s ‘top two’ open primary system — and keep Republicans off the general election ballot in November. It’s unconscionable to use these political tricks and underhanded tactics to influence elections.”

Last week, Newsom said in a signing statement that California is within its constitutional right to require presidential candidates to release their tax returns and that U.S. Constitution give states the authority to determine how their electors are chosen.

“These are extraordinary times and states have a legal and moral duty to do everything in their power to ensure leaders seeking the highest offices meet minimal standards, and to restore public confidence,” Newsom said. “The disclosure required by this bill will shed light on conflicts of interest, self-dealing, or influence from domestic and foreign business interest.”

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It’s right to provide health insurance to every citizen, legal or not. It’s right to limit emissions on new vehicles to combat climate change. It’s right to ban military style weapons and high capacity magazines in order to mitigate mass killings. And, it’s right that all presidents or presidential candidates release their tax returns to show that they do not have conflicts of interest.

California is on the right side of history on these issues. Unfortunately, Trump and the Republicans are on the wrong side.

like it really matters? just more blather.

there’s no chance in heck it will matter to t-rump in the primary and sure as heck aint gonna matter in the general as the “D” will carry the state comfortably (and once again be the majority of the general vote total difference between D and R, like it did in 2016)

I am a resident of California and a citizen of the United States of America. My passport, as well as a series of background checks and licenses are of federal issuance. Sadly California is trying to be a rouge nation and now is willing to spend tax dollars to fund this political folly.

It’s laughable that Newsom thinks this is how to restore public confidence. He’d be wise to focus more attention on killing rats, and cleaning the streets of feces and needles. And maybe a new dam or two would also be nice.

What options do the non-communist, non-socialist, still sane democrats in this country (and state) have? I mean, I get it, many do not want to vote republican; still, when Joe Biden seems the most sane and sensible… they seem in real trouble.

As an independent, I was really encouraged by Tulsi Gabbard and a little by Yang; then that one guy at the debate who was the lone voice crying, “please don’t spend us into oblivion” – I knew he wasn’t going to last. When Gabbard, Yang (and all of them) raised their hands to respond to the illegals getting health care, that was it for me. I could not longer take any of them serious. They are either lying (pandering, most likely), and/or ignorant. I’d like a serious person for a serious position. Guess I’ll not be seeing it… again.

The left has taken off so far to the left, that many *actual* centrists (or even left-of-center people) now seem closer to those on the right. And God forbid you don’t cry out, “Orange man bad!” at every opportunity, lest you be ostracized by the zealots.

I’m curious to see what we’re whittled down to potentially accepting by 2020 on the democrat side.

Good question you pose. A Democrat who cares about working through the system to get things done, who understands that flashy extremism is not going to win elections, is being ostracized by the Progressives who have taken control of the Party. You aren’t leaving the Democrat Party, it is leaving you…

And who, or whom, has taken control of the Republican Party? A pervert at the top and a bunch of obstructionist’s down the line from him, that’s who!

The “extremism” you see from those you characterize in a derogatory manner as “Progressives” is meant to keep us from back sliding into the past; it’s meant to keep women from being in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant, keeping religious bigotry and intolerance out of our government, maintaining freedom of the press while putting up as many road blocks as possible to continuing the rule of “old white men” seeped in racist nationalism and intolerance (do ya hear me Mitch the Bitch McConnell). To provide the best health care to all of this country’s peoples, not just to it’s wealthiest.

The current administration was handed to you by Russia, something you’re way to comfortable with for my taste and could be correctly characterized as treasonous as you’ve given, and continue to give, aid and comfort to our enemy! Your blind ass loyalty to a pervert who violated all that you’re suppose to represent should be a concern to every thinking person out there. The way you demonize those of us who want sensible gun laws while allowing thousands to die should be reason enough to denounce and disband your party as they present a clear and present danger to our Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness. I could go-and-on, but to do so here on a sight dominated by those who best represent all the above is like pissin’ in the wind!

Characterize me as a demon Progressive all you frickin’ want, I’d proudly accept that! Better that than being part of the Party of Trump The Pervert and their back sliddin’ form of authoritarian treasonous rule.

What will be hilarious is that California’s electoral votes have a chance of not being accepted since they are breaking Federal law.

Hey president pervert! Haven’t you always stated, in one form or another, that if you’ve nothing to hide provide what’s asked for? Sure you have! And just as surely as you said that, you just as surely show you’re a frickin’ hypocrite when expected to do the same!

And what about states rights, something you harped on in your inaugural speech; “… we are not merely transferring power from one administration to another, or from one party to another, but we are transferring power from Washington, D.C., and giving it back to you, the American people.” Then you doubled down on that by even more of a direct commitment to the nations governors’ pledging to “…make states the laboratories of democracy once again.” So much lip service without much of a happy ending, huh?

And your base, The Party Of Trump The Pervert? They’ll eat this latest pile of crap up and ask for seconds!

Here’s a good watch (probably not for the “comrades” of the perv’, as facts have no place in their ideology)….”Active Measures”

California’s Rogue Government. It’s no longer about the citizens of this state but all about furtherance of the Democrat’s takeover of the state, at any cost. What a disgusting situation we citizens have to live under. Can’t wait to get out!

This may help:

Building permit for a 2,000 sw.ft. single family home on two acres in rural SLO County. Likely unobtainable but if so, said to be nearing $70,000 with fees.

Building permit in Bell County, Texas (central hill country, oak savannah much like SLO County just doesn’t cool down as much after 7pm) on two rural acres. No residential permit required (look it up).

Fees, none. Restrictions, 50 foot setback. Inspections: none. Codes NONE though the UBC is a suggestion for your safety.

Cost of extinguishing automobile smog light in Bell County, none (not required to turn off). Cost in SLO County, open ended.

Water wells cost 1/4-1/3 as much. Ditto septic tanks, mobile homes, etc. Also, State government there has NOT degenerated to a crazed liberal race-to-the-bottom.

Enjoy……the smell.

Your neighbors can take advantage of those lax codes too and put in an oil well on that 1/2 acre next door.

Please tell me how much you’d enjoy that—even if it is their “legal right”? Codes serve some good purposes. Permit $ is another thing altogether. No argument there. Two different things.

Texas population 28 million – 244 million pounds TCR -Toxic Chemical Releases.

California population 39 million – 44 million pounds of TCR. (That’s about 1/5)

Idaho (a better choice for you) 1.8 million population – only 66 million pounds of TCR. (1/3 more than Ca, but with 1/24th the population)

If you go to Idaho I suggest skiing at Silverhorn a magnificently baron mountain perfect for powder skiing. The reason it is baron?…silver mining slag and toxic dumping starting in the late 1800’s.

A toxic silver lining for you if you don’t mind the pun.

I expect you mean, it is a barren mountain?

I hate codes and zoning that put in ugly white concrete sidewalks perfect for speedwalking or jogging if you have titanium ankles and knees. Use sidewalks regularly in this way and you’ll eventually need such replacements.

Asphalt is giving and soft. As a bike-ridin’ speedy kid, I much preferred to wipe-out on asphalt rather than concrete, and I survived to write this. Asphalt is environmentally friendly and plentiful, easy to replace when it erodes — it has been seeping up off the ocean floor in these parts for eons; written records go back to the Spaniards 500 years ago.

So why on EARTH, in neighborhoods that have survived seasonal rains for going on 150 years, are brutal, brittle sidewalks going in where they serve no purpose but to hugely reduce the flexibility of the property owner in how he uses his property, including parking? I can see them in flood zones and business districts. But to chop up a serene, quiet neighborhood with glaring ugly regimented white concrete wasting space, hurting bones and flesh, and limiting parking … enriches who?

Live and let live. Folks from the city move into an agricultural area and then decide they don’t like the smell, the noise, the dust, generated by agriculture. Heck ….. if my neighbor could put in an oil well, I’d celebrate his good fortune. I’d fry bacon if the smell got too bad, and ask him to pony up for the bacon!

Well it was owned by a Silver Baron who made the land barren.

I doubt you are being completely honest about your neighbor. If you put your life savings in to build your dream home and your neighbor puts in a well (no hyperbole a real possibility) shortly afterward you’d not celebrate it. Be honest at least . Frying bacon? Really.

Yes, I am being COMPLETELY honest about my neighbors, plural. The ones on either side of me, the one on the other side of my back fence, and the one directly across the street, all four sets of neighbors, I know, like very much, and would certainly celebrate if they had the good luck of discovering enough oil on their property to drill.

Apparently YOU would deprive good people, ANY people, of enjoying great fortune, if you didn’t like the smell.

You talk about oil, but remember that what is really meant, is any kind of noisy, smelly thing (airports, agriculture, anyone??) that annoys transplants who want their SLOCO paradise at the expense of others’s liberty.

So your saying housing prices,fuel prices, energy prices, taxes rates, and the rest of the burdens of Ca are 100% worth it? That’s wonderful,glad your satisfied, and stay there please along with the rest of the ship of fools..

Snoid, you’ve got it backwards … the Nanny Big Staters who now overprice and tyrannize California, should be the ones driven out of state by financial or political pressure.

And would that they’d stay there where most of them came from, out of state. Unlike those who pioneered this state even as recent as the 1940s, a majority of nanny state government tyrants risked little to “settle” here after they’d grown up elsewhere. Their attitude seems,”It’s so pretty, these hicks can’t possibly appreciate what they have, so we’ll take over from here.”

I say switch the tables on them and let’s see a mass exodus of them to more “civilized” places in OTHER STATES where they can overtax and over-regulate to their hearts’ content. Just leave California be, a wild place settled by very risk-taking folks. Her oil reserves alone may end up being liberty’s saving grace one day.


Baron Victor von Frankenstein

Wow, $70,000 for a building permit! People wonder why housing is so expensive all over California, and why there are so many Planned Communities, carbon copies of each other in carefully managed neutral color schemes, stifling individuality. I’ve seen way too many better but older neighborhoods going to hell not because the homeowners don’t care, but because they can’t afford and/or can’t stomach the headaches of permits. Where someone would love to improve their property and they could, except getting permission from the local government costs too much. Grrrrrrrrr!

I forget who said it — I think it was one of the Founders — that government is a lot like fire — a dangerous servant and a fearful master. Government is a servant. WE are the master. At present, however, in California especially, the roles have been reversed BUT I have a funny hunch that offense will begin here in California, oddly enough. California is worth fighting for. What you think you are leaving (if you plan on leaving, but I hope you stay) you may be actually joining.

You can run to the desert but you cannot hide!

Sure it is? It’s about the citizens of this state, it’s all about them! Problem is the majority are Democrats (by +-15%, or well over 2,500,000 voters [did the zeros slow you down a bit and let you contemplate that numbers enormity? Naaaa! Way too many frickin’ zeros to understand let alone slow down and contemplate them, right?).

So, in the long held traditions of Republican Rule, the majority are first, right?

(it’s gotta piss you off that you don’t have a state electoral college, huh?)