Chamber chair challenges Hill in SLO County District 3 race

September 17, 2019

Stacy Korsgaden


South County Chamber of Commerce Chair Stacy Korsgaden announced Monday her candidacy for the San Luis Obispo County supervisor seat currently held by Adam Hill.

Korsgaden, who currently operates a local insurance agency, has called SLO County home for more than 30 years. A moderate Republican, Korsgaden was motivated to run because she believes public officials are not listening to their constituents.

“I don’t like what I see, the lack of civility and willingness to communicate on policy issues,” Korsgaden said. “I do not feel the citizens are being heard.”

If elected, Korsgaden wants to put jobs first. And while she understands there are issues with air quality and safety, she is opposed to closing the Oceano Dunes.

“You don’t have to kill the golden goose to resolve these issues.”

Korsgaden also voiced concerns about vagrancy, public safety, and a lack of cordiality with some members of the board of supervisors.

“I want to make a clear distinction of why I would be the best choice for District 3,” Korsgaden said. “I want citizens to consider my communication style and ability to problem solve. By listening, you can get the best out of the public.”

District 3 includes Edna Valley, Avila Beach, Pismo Beach, Shell Beach and Grover Beach, and a portion of San Luis Obispo.

Korsgagen is known for service to her community; she is currently president of the Boys and Girls Club of South San Luis Obispo County, and chairman of the South County Chambers of Commerce.

Korsgaden earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Cal Poly, and a certificate in professional financial planning from the University of California, Santa Barbara. She currently resides in Grover Beach.

The California Primary is scheduled for March 3, 2020.


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District 3 includes Edna Valley, Avila Beach, Pismo Beach, Shell Beach and Grover Beach, and a portion of San Luis Obispo.

As usual, the Bermuda Triangle slice of rural Arroyo Grande that falls under District 3 is once again omitted from history (and representation!).

Stacy, be sure you contact the FBI the instant something weird happens. Adam has a past.

While I’m no fan of Hill, I smell DEVELOPMENT with Korsgaden. Do we really want someone who is in favor of keeping Oceano Dunes open and who will totally disregard any compromise to lessen the impact on the Dunes? Oceano is held in an economic hostage by all the politicians who refuse to see that something has to be done to lessen the vehicular traffic and lawlessness on the Dunes.Pismo Beach now has a viable economy due to the fact that years ago they disallowed vehicular traffic on the beach. I believe she would bring more development to this area without trying to preserve this area’s natural beauty. I can’t support this candidate

You want “DEVELOPMENT”? Just write a check to Adam Hill and he will back any proposal, just ask Gary Grossman, who got to develop within the airport safety zone and whose new residents will be calling for airport restrictions as soon as they close escrow. He bought the land cheap as it could not be developed under the rules in place. Republicans, not corrupt SLO Progressives are our only voice for responsible, controlled growth.

Welcome to the mix, someone who chooses to set an example for our youth will only error on the save side. She likely will not be a champion for the federally illegal drug prospects. We are now going to see what will win this election: ” drug money vs stable choices for our future”? Regardless of the party, my opinion is that people generally love this country and care about their successors.

I don’t know you at all lady, but Good Luck to you!

Hopefully Stacy Korsgaden realizes she needs to get the Cal Poly vote, that is the main reason Adam Hill is still in office. He has lost the vote of his south county residents but as long as he has hand outs to the Poly crowd he will stay in office.

It is time for a change from Adam Hill’s bullying, unstable and self serving behavior. It takes guts to run against the Hill attack team. Watch the social media slander begin.

Give it up; voters in that district don’t want a conservative candidate. Say what you want about Hill, but he votes the way his constituents want him to vote. End of story.

Oh great, another typical baby boomer making SLO great again; not. Your 40 year old education isn’t going to rebuild Rome. Rome was ruined from the start!