Man run over by Paso Robles city vehicle identified

September 24, 2019

Joseph Zigler

Friends have identified the 27-year-old Paso Robles man who was run over by a Paso Robles city maintenance worker in a city vehicle on Sept. 19 as Joseph Zigler. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Born in North County, Zigler had been homeless for the past four or five years, Glen O’Hagan said. Zigler’s father died earlier this year. [Cal Coast Times]

According to police, Zigler was lying on a dirt road near the 13th Street overpass when the employee ran over him. The road, which is used primarily as a walkway, leads to the riverbank where multiple homeless people live.

Police are not sure if Zigler was killed in the accident or already deceased. The county coroner is investigating the death.


Joey was born here in slo… Idk who gave you that Info….. He also had a home…

Maybe you should have reached out to us his family. … He chose to be in Paso Near his friends….

it is a nice picture of him though. Thank you for that at least…..

Rip Joey…..


“Zigler’s father died earlier this year.”~[Cal Coast Times]


Homeless people are people’s kids, siblings, parents, friends, etc.

After God and Country, Family is Everything.

It seems to me that the father and son could have helped themselves by helping each other.

Cats In The Cradle-Harry Chapin


So very sad, whether being run over was the cause or not. Homeless people are people’s kids, siblings, parents, friends, etc. I don’t have the answer to the homelessness epidemic but I just wish the answer was as easy as “get a job”.