Man threatens mass shooting at Atascadero apartment complex

September 11, 2019


A man allegedly threatened to carry out a mass shooting at an Atascadero apartment complex, which prompted a police investigation that determined the suspect did not have the means to follow through on the threat. [Cal Coast Times]

Several citizens contacted Atascadero police on Tuesday about a social media post that warned of a man threatening a “mass shooting” at the Bordeaux House Apartments located at 11300 Viejo Camino. Detectives identified the source of the information, as well as the person who made the threats, according to police.

Police determined the suspect no longer lives in the apartment complex, and he has a history of making similar threats. A law enforcement official contacted the suspect and determined he did not have the means to carry out the threat.

The police department takes matters like this seriously and appreciates those who come forward with information, police said. Investigators are asking anyone who has additional information is to contact the police department at (805) 461-5051 and reference case number 19-2389.

It is unclear whether the suspect may face charges over the alleged threat.


Curious to know what it means when they state “didn’t have the means to carry out the threat”?


It means he hadn’t already exercised his right to own guns. If he had an AK the quote would have been different.

I am curious if he is still allowed to buy one.

Of course he can always ask someone like Rep.Dan Crenshaw to loan him one.


Well we can all google it or Lexis it but as I recall it means the cops didn’t want to take action so they used a legal tenet that says a man cursing you from a jail cell window to “knock your block off right here and now” is restrained by his incarceration and unable to carry out the crime. It doesn’t seem like this should have been conclusively dismissed so lightly.

It is difficult to know why LE made this choice since making terrorists threats crime doesn’t require the means of attack be available, and the very CENTER of current LE advice is to REPORT threats of mass shootings so as to prevent them.

I am sorry but I do not agree with the LE judgment displayed in this case, and I hope nothing comes of this man’s repeat threats.