MindBody opening offices in India

September 18, 2019


San Luis Obispo-headquartered software company Mindbody is expanding its operations to India after recently acquiring an India-based consulting firm.

Last month, Mindbody announced the acquisition of Simplicity First, a software consulting firm based in Pune, Maharashtra, India. Simplicity First, which specializes in software development, quality assurance and project management, had been a Mindbody partner for several years.

Mindbody will open a new office in Pune later this year. The acquisition adds about 50 employees to Mindbody’s global workforce, and the company says it plans to hire additional software engineers in India.

“As part of the acquisition, we are looking to hire the best engineering talent in India,” Mindbody Chief Technology Officer Sunil Rajasekar said in a statement. “India has amazing tech talent and we are excited to expand our R&D footprint there. Mindbody is a global company and having R&D resources in the region will help us serve our customers better.”

India has a significant pool of high-quality and diverse software engineers, and the company will place a high priority on attracting candidates from underrepresented groups, including women, Mindbody Vice President of Product Operations Regina Wallace-Jones said.

Mindbody already has offices across the United States, as well as a pair of offices in the United Kingdom and one in Australia.

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If I were a Mindbody employee here in SLO, i’d make sure I had a current resume ready to go…the real question is not IF they’ll be out of here, but WHEN.

Mindbody will be completely gone in 3 years, all the buildings they leased now, they paid 20 years upfront on their leases but they voluntarily gave up their building leases by leaving in 3 years,in other words they paid 20 but they’ll leaving in 3 years so the landlord who owns all those buildings on Tank Farm is getting free rent because he can re-rent those buildings doubling his money. The people at Mindbody are being giving options to move to Texas or quit, so employees are leaving Mindbody. The parking lot is getting less and less cars. So Mindbody will be the thing of the past and it’s very sad but hey did I say that Amazon is moving in the same location, yes that’s correct they are. They’re going to build a Amazon distribution center here to warehouse and ship their products. Honestly I am no fan of Amazon, so I don’t support them coming to town.

Just in time for the SLO accessory dwelling unit ordinance that will provide housing for the lower paying jobs.

Having had first hand experience with something very similar – I have to feel just a little sorry for the employees of Mind Body still in SLO. A company gets founded, with a great product\. Lots of people poured themselves into getting company established. Then company gets sold to Venture Equity Partners (Dec 2018) – Company President – Stollmeyer promises no layoffs.

But Venture Equity Partners sole purpose is to make money; therefore take a large portion of company to India – cheaper labor. I will predict that the portion of Mind Body on the Central Coast will continue to decline as India becomes established. Start updating your resume now.

A euphemism for getting cheaper labor in India. Well Mindbody isn’t on Santa’s list anymore…

This will lead soon to the demise of all local jobs for this company. In my personal experience, not all Indian engineers are completely competent. This may lead to a decline in this company in the future. This is globalism at its finest extent.