SLO Tribune commenter charged for claims of pedophilia

September 4, 2019


Kevin Rice, an activist, was surprised when people questioned him about a post in the SLO Tribune comment section in which it appears Rice boasts about having had sex with minors. Rice soon discovered he was the victim of online impersonation and libel. [Cal Coast Times]

Last summer, David William Platek, 36, created a Facebook page identical to Rice’s page, which included a photo of Rice. While impersonating Rice, Platek posted under an Aug. 9, 2018 SLO Tribune article about a convicted sex offender, saying that he (as Rice) had also had sex with children, and it was not all that uncommon.

“He was intentionally trying to diminish my reputation,” Rice said. “It was effective; Aaron Ochs posted on his page that I admitted to having sex with a minor.”

Almost immediately after Platek posted on the SLO Tribune, Ochs, a local troll known for spreading misinformation, wrote on his Facebook page that Rice admitted to being a sex offender, Rice said.

For years, Ochs and several others have maligned Rice on social media and in the SLO Tribune comment section, attacking Rice and others who expose the missteps of a local group of Democratic public officials.

David William Platek

Rice has found and reported multiple violations of campaign law. His complaints have resulted in state levied fines or warning letters against San Luis Obispo Supervisor Adam Hill, Arroyo Grande Mayor Caren Ray, former Grover Beach mayor John Shoals, and local political consultant Cory Black.

After discovering the impersonation, Rice contacted the District Attorney’s Office which mounted an investigation.

On Tuesday, District Attorney Dan Dow announced he had filed two counts of felony identity theft and one related misdemeanor charge against Platek.

If convicted of the charges, Platek, a former Atascadero resident who now lives in Visalia, faces up to four years and eight months in jail.

“Widespread use of social media such as Facebook has increased the amount of identity theft on social media platforms,” Dow said. “It is important for the public to know that identity theft anywhere – even in the cyber world of social media – is a crime and will be prosecuted. Everyone should be protected from the harm caused by someone impersonating them with the intent to damage their reputation.”


It is about time that someone is criminally charged for this bad behavior. I wonder if Aaron Ochs knows David Patek. Just go to Aaron’s Facebook page, he accused Kevin Rice of stealing the mayors flag two weeks earlier. He appears to spend his days working to harm people.


What’s the connection between Adam Hill, Aaron Ochs and creeper Platek?


I assume that that is a rhetorical question.


I hope Rice sues Platek into the ground…but come on little boys get off of facebook….its more fitting for 12 year old girls not grown men….imo…


Puttin’ that “jacket” on anyone without proof is frickin’ despicable, but, puttin’ it on someone out of malice knowing it’s not true?!!! Should be punishable by tongue amputation!

Wasn’t there two guys in Montana that were ordered by the courts to wear a sign around their necks stating “I’m a lair” for lying about their military service? Hey, why not here? Let’s spice it up a bit though, to something that fits the crime?

“I’m a liar! I called a respected member of my community a pedophile, knowing it wasn’t true, with the intent to harm him, a cowardly act! Please kick me in the ass or slap me in the head as you pass behind me! The harder the better! Thank You. Sincerely, David William Platek, “The Liar”!”


Oh yea! Hey, David! Just somethin’ somethin’ you may wanna know? The Fellas where you’re goin’ hate people like you just about as much as convicted pedophiles. Just somethin’ to chew on on your way to Wasco’s Reception Center in the back of that Grey Goose…


Now, we wouldn’t want to start doing that. We wouldn’t want our president to have to wear that thing everywhere. He’s embarrassed us enough.


Aaron Ochs the one who not only claims to be the supreme journalist but is also chief (in his own little mind) of the journalistic police.

Aaron Ochs who is always bitching and all knowing about fake Facebook accounts posted a very serious accusation without verification.


So, what about Ochs?


Who cares? no one pays attention to him.


Yes, the headline was misleading but it made me read the article. Mission Accomplished.


Is it just me or is that headline confusing?

I don’t always agree with Kevin but I’m really glad they busted this guy for what he tried to do to Kevin’s reputation. Hope he gets the maximum sentence possible.


So THAT’S how that all played out. People get so crazy over these online posts. Hang in there Kevin!