SUV smashes into medical lab in Arroyo Grande

September 20, 2019


A medical laboratory in Arroyo Grande is closed after a Honda Pilot SUV crashed into its building Friday morning

The SUV knocked down a palm tree before it slammed into WestPac Labs located at 230 Station Way, according to the Five Cities Fire Authority. No one suffered injuries as a result of the crash.

It is unclear what caused the driver to leave the roadway. Officers are investigating the crash.

The laboratory is closed while an Arroyo Grande building inspector examines the structure. WestPac Labs has several other locations on the Central Coast, which patients are currently instructed to use.

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Geezuz, a facility and actually THE room I often frequent. I’ll risk it and go out on a limb here. First thing Friday morning, all the “blue-haireds” flock to the lab. Wonderful people, don’t get me wrong. Driving skills well diminished as seen in the photo.

DMV doesn’t care but this is such a ridiculously common occurrence in this country, people that can no longer discern or coordinate brake versus throttle. In my perfect world, you have one of these occurrences, your license gets YOINKED forever.