Arizona murder suspect found in San Luis Obispo

October 17, 2019

Preston Scott Scruggs


A man suspected of participating in a 2017 hotel room murder in Tucson was located in San Luis Obispo County Jail and is now facing extradition to Arizona.

On Oct. 8, Tucson police contacted the SLO County Sheriff’s Office about Preston Scott Scruggs, 28, a person suspected of assisting in the murder of Richard Kohlmeier. Scruggs was in jail on unrelated charges of carrying a concealed dirk or dagger and violating probation.

Kohlmeier’s dead body was found underneath a bed in the Travel Inn on Jan. 19, 2017.

Following the killing, Tucson detectives obtained surveillance footage of the victim entering the hotel room. Kohlmeier was followed into the room by two white men, Scruggs and James Russell Cook.

Scruggs and Cook eventually left the room but, the victim did not, surveillance footage showed.

In Jan. 2018, Cook confessed to the murder and investigators determined Scruggs was involved, as well.

SLO County sheriff’s deputies assisted Tucson detectives with obtaining DNA evidence and, on Tuesday, conducting an interview with Scruggs. At the conclusion of the joint investigation, Scruggs was arrested on an extraditable homicide warrant from Tucson.

Scruggs will serve the remainder of his current sentence in SLO County. He will then be turned over to Tucson police.


We. Are. Shouting. For. Joy. Right. Now. Yes. Sherriff. Thankyou. For. Catching. This. Guy. He. Isnt. Only. In. Trouble. For. These. Charges. But. Obviously. Bribed. To. Be. A. False. Witness. In. Another. The. Only. Witness. They. Could. Use. Was. Caught. In. False. Testimony. About. A. Poor. Elderly. Man. Beaten. Up. By. Two. Furniture. Young. Men. At. Mission. Park. What. A. Answer. To. Prayer. It. Almost. Felt. Like. The. Officer. Was. Desperate. To. Use. Anyone. To. Falsy. Accuse. Someone. Thankyou. Mr. Sherriff. A. Happy. Day.




@0:02:45 “I’m not going to let these guys go, who just murdered my dog”

Marcus Luttrell 911 call, Full version.

Luttrell’s show of citizenship should be an inspiration for anyone needing a reminder of what responsibilities the come with living in the Land of the Free.

The dispatchers were as good as they come, or better. The event took place in Florida.


I admire this man, but for you to suggest that anyone should do what he did is irresponsible as hell!

He’s a highly trained member of an elite combat unit, the Navy Seals, a unit that is highly trained in the use of those two sidearms he was carrying (i.e. Weapons and Tactics during their Seal Qualification Training, or SQT) and in defensive driving techniques (i.e. Advanced Driving Skills [Defensive, Rally, Protective Security]). To suggest it is the responsibility of anyone living in this country to do the same is pure poppycock, at best, and pure insanity, at worst!

What he did isn’t some video game, some Call of Duty bullshit, it was real life with real life lives in jeopardy! And with real lives hanging in the balance from his actions, including and especially his own!

As much I as I don’t agree with you on most of your posts I did respect you and the opinions you hold near and dear as they seamed informed, this one though, is off the hook Citizen!

Check yourself before your wreck yourself and maybe some impressionable mind that may be listening to you…



Think “Home of the Brave” here and always.


Good, we can ship this one out!


I think I’ve seen that guy around downtown and Michell Park, homeless looking.


“Homeless looking”, what’s that?

So, he looks a little disheveled in the photo (common in mug shots), you “think” you’ve seen him in a park and around town and you combine that with he’s wanted on murder charges and he’s automatically homeless? Shit Bubba, you should get on Cold Case as you da crime bustin’ man!

Damn! He could be an undercover Mexican too, right?


If you don’t know what homeless looking is, just head downtown. I think I’ve seen him around, and yes, he looked homeless. If you cannot recognize what a homeless person looks like, take off your politically correct glasses.


Politically correct glasses? That the best you got?!

I was on those streets, SLO streets, and you couldn’t have told me apart from a housed individual if you had on x-ray glasses, Cold Case Sherlock!

I’ve seen plenty of housed individuals that look far worse than any homeless individual on those same streets, probably more, and I’d bet a dollar to a doughnut you have too! Your problem is your politically incorrect glasses are so thick with prejudice that it blinds you with contempt based on looks rather then by knowledge, which in turn causes you to see anyone “looking homeless” as being homeless.

Here’s the really fucked up part about your type of “detecting”; it affects every homeless person out there, whether they “look” the part or not, or fit into your small world view or not! Stigmatizing one person based on your prejudiced contempt is the smoking gun that helps keep even those that want off the streets on them!


“Homeless Looking” is an overly broad term, but the terms “Bum”, “Tramp” and “Hobo” are pretty specific as to behavior and appearance. One may be homeless and not look or behave like a bum. We should try to help homeless people get back on their feet, but bums should be encouraged to hop the next freight train out of town. Old Preston there looks like a bum. Glad to hear he is off our streets and soon to be Arizona bound.


Chalk one up for the Sheriffs for getting their jobs done correctly, Now if the elected and other non elected public servants can be brought to heel themselves to and for the benefit of citizens, Not their own bubble of arrogance.

Indeed, there are many here among us who feel that somethings are amiss, where the SLO PD, Mayor ‘Harm’on and all those on the council who voted for all electric ‘overreach’ city ordinance.

What’s the deal with that? Did the hearing or whatever review of “Pease’s conflict of interest” occur yet? If so what was the outcome? If not, why not?

Seriously folks. There really is something amiss with city hall. Council meeting anyone?