California’s fires, evacuations and power outages

October 28, 2019

Kincade Fire


PG&E shut off power to nearly 1 million customers across Northern and Central California over the weekend, and a wildfire raging in Sonoma County resulted in nearly 200,000 people being forced to evacuate. Meanwhile, a wildfire is now burning in Los Angeles that is forcing evacuations, as well. [Cal Coast Times]

Amid dry, windy conditions, PG&E announced it was cutting off power on Saturday and/or Sunday for 940,000 customers across 38 counties, which equated to an estimated total of more than 2 million people. Some wind gusts in Northern California reached speeds of more than 80 mph over the weekend.

The utility was expected to to begin restoring power early Monday to the Northern Sierra and North Coast regions of the state. However, PG&E is considering implementing another power outage on Tuesday and Wednesday that could impact 32 counties in Northern and Central California.

In Sonoma County, the Kincade Fire broke out on Wednesday night northeast of Geyersville and is continuing to burn. As of Monday morning, the wildfire has burned 66,231 acres and is 5 percent contained, according to Cal Fire.

On top of forcing nearly 200,000 people to evacuate, the Kincade Fire has destroyed 96 structures and is threatening nearly 80,000. At least one firefighter has suffered injuries while battling the blaze.

In Los Angeles, the Getty Fire ignited early Monday morning near the Getty Center museum and the 405 freeway. The Getty Fire has burned more than 500 acres and has damaged at least five homes.

More than 10,000 structures are threatened by the Getty Fire, and evacuation orders are in effect in the area.

Among numerous other blazes that ignited across California in recent days, a brush fire broke out in the area of a car crash in Price Canyon on Sunday evening. The blaze was burning in heavy brush in the 1800 block of Price Canyon Road near Ormonde Road and Thousand Hills, according to Cal Fire.

Price Canyon crash and fire

Firefighters arrived at the scene and extinguished the blaze.

The CHP is investigating the cause of the car crash.

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Ok so you all got blame for governors, presidents, conservatives, FEMA, PGE, homeless, and some wacky $hi+ about nukes, bees, and conspiracies. No mention of hotter, drier weather year after year.

Perhaps the reason no one mentioned “hotter, drier weather, year after year,” is because that’s not reality.

We’re coming off the coldest winter on record. It’s been very rainy the last 3 years. We’re out of the drought.

I think you’re confusing the emotional concept of “Climate Change”—-by which you mean global warming—-with reality.

Along with signing the recall for Newsome ,lets all gather around and sing Kumbaya hoping humanity is saved as Google and Yahoo headquarters burn to the ground.

The fake recall you can’t vote on, have no say about it.

Due to the constant stream of news product, coupled with prescription drugs and poor nutrition, many people don’t remember much.

It wasn’t 5 years ago that wildfires in CA rarely destroyed homes. Never did they destroy entire neighborhoods.

What, other than Gerry Brown’s decision to manage wildfires into FEMA invoking catastrophes has changed? Remember, small fires are paid for out of CA’s treasury, but the big ones get federal aid.

Of course, now that we can blame PGE, these large fires also get to loot a huge public utility a couple times in addition to getting federal money.

Small fires are a waste of resources.

2006 Global Warming Act followed by 2010 AB1504 (Schwarzenegger signed), since you asked. To meet the 2020 goal of 30% renewable CA utilities have been following those green agenda templates. AB1504 (which was NOT endorsed by the Forestry Industry because it kept CA buying 80% of lumber out of state) caused a new CalFire org to monitor the additional sequestration of 5 million metric tons of carbon per year either growing by way of mature trees or taking credit for harvested stored products.

PG&E has been like a cat chasing a laser pointer on the progressive agenda which PG&E has politically contributed to every year. The PG&E PAC group is part of the 15th largest in CA and has always supported democrats, mostly because PG&E is based is S.F. Once PG&E developed problems the Democrats like Newsom turned their backs on sacrificial PG&E that was overseen every step of the way by the CPUC.

Before the 2017 fire for example, in a 2017 ratemaking proceeding, the CPUC stated, “While the CPUC recognizes that repair and replacement are necessary components of a utility’s operation, the amount that PG&E has been spending on what appears primarily to be replacement of transmission facilities is staggering and potentially unjustified.”

(Ex. A, Initial Br. of the CPUC, Pacific Gas and Electric Co., Dkt. No. ER16-2320-002 (Mar. 15, 2018) at 8.) The CPUC also stated

“there was reason to believe that PG&E was “‘gold plating’ the system” and “unreasonably burden[ing] ratepayers with unnecessary costs.” (Id. at 2-3.)

I guess all those tin foil hat wearing preppers aren’t so crazy after all.

One has to wonder why all the fires all of the sudden. Arson, homeless, what? Regardles, every official says the same thing and that’s negligence in forest or brush control. Last I heard Ca has 7 times the trees in any given area that other states that are proactive in control of trees or brush. As one of the reporters elated as he reported on scene at one of the current fires, “this area hasent burned in 60 years!!!” nor has it been subject to any management. Ca has forced PG&E to invest billions over the last 10 years in renewable energy products taking away from the normal system upgrades and maint. Ca will fine a person for putting grass clippings into a gutter yet they take 0 responsibility for any lack of forestry control. Show the rest of us California, where and when your ding bat officials ordered anything of significance to prevent what’s happening again. The Ca government is to blame, and nobody else.

That’s funny, you want to blame the guvernment but the conservatives and others that push unregulated capitalism/ less government are to blame.

California – Fire incident reports filed by Pacific Gas & Electric show its equipment may have contributed to more than 400 fires in Northern and Central California in 2018. Lol fox news even. Also the WSJ reports “PG&E Knew for Years Its Lines Could Spark Wildfires, and Didn’t Fix Them”

But don’t let that keep you from cutting down the bad trees/solar panels that cause all of the problems. Lol

All electric utilities measure and have quota goals for reducing their overhead line pole fires. Their electronic incident report templates have a drop-down selection box for pole fires because it is so common of an incident. The litigation in CA now will spread to all 50 states.

PG&E de-energize? No problem, the whole PGE grid will go dark once an EMP hydrogen bomb is set off 400 miles above Kansas. The Commission published a stunning metric of what the detonation would induce in electric fields, 50,000 volts/meter. Even though not all lines, motors, substations and consumer goods will perfectly “couple” with that energy and die, there is likely no way to harden a grid against that.

Suggestion: keep that old Suzuki Samurai with it’s no-computer engine, just in case. It’s also a good fire escape vehicle. Ditto: a VW bug packed with water and MRE’s.

Straight to nuclear war?

That is so helpful.


Where did this article lead to known government surveillance and how? Project Jedi?? Snowden, wild fires, Diablo Canyon?!?! Obama and Trump, isil? Russia, Ukraine Genocide Estonia, Kkk??? Gmo, Cloud seeding, pesticides and herbicdes? No bee hives in Atascadero due to pansy ass allergic nimbys*; that’s a fact. Hillaryious.

Lets not forget pizzagate, benghazi and the Obama birth certificate.