Santa Maria hospital put on temporary lockdown

October 27, 2019


After three people suffering stab wounds arrived at the Marian Regional Medical Center emergency room late Saturday afternoon, hospital administrators placed the hospital on a temporary lockdown. [KSBY]

Shortly before 5 p.m., the hospital was placed on lockdown while hospital staff worked on the victims. All three victims are in stable condition.

The lockdown was lifted a few hours later.

Investigators are not yet disclosing if the stabbings are related. Santa Maria police are investigating two of the stabbings and Guadalupe police are investigating one of the stabbings.

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It’s a cultural thing.

What culture would that be?

Santa Maria Gang culture, what else could it be?

They need to stop accepting gang members at hospitals, let’m suffer from their actions.

No seriously, what culture are you referring to? It’s an honest question how ’bout an honest answer? You can’t possibly be afraid to answer, right? Not with all the support you’re gettin’, right?

Man up ‘dog!

Gang. What were you thinking?

So? Why not say so in the first place? You Know… “It’s a gang cultural thing”. Why so cryptic?

Fentynal? That’s an American made drug. And the drug war is fueled by rich American kids at Cal Poly, not southerners. What else would it be.

Most of it is counterfeit Chinese. Another thing they stole from us

Maybe people here think non white skin folk are the only ones that have stds, drug addiction, poverty and gov corruption and Santa Maria is the global epicenter for this more than Washington DC or the Valley and it’s crazy Anglo millionaire farmers!?!? And wheres Alex Jones; oh wait, in court. Bill O Really; rapist, Glen Beck; insane !?!

West Side Story, with no disclaimer pretending it was not determined to be “gang related”, and guess who pays for the 6 figure hospital bills for each gangster?

How ’bout this? Reserve your judgement until it is stated as fact that these three unidentified people are in fact gang bangers, Hispanic gang bangers, okay? If for no other reason it’ll shut me up!

I hold more contempt than you can ever imagine for the typical Surano, Nortano, Border Brother, EME gang bangers and all of their affiliates! And unlike your contempt based around the couple of bucks they may cost you in taxes mine is from being locked up with these deviant MFer’s! 90% of the stupid shit I experience in prison was started by Hisoanic gang bangers, either directly or indirectl! Their fucked up politics mixed with misplaced machismo and their dominant numbers are the single biggest reasons California prisons have the violence they do.

Unlike you though, I understand that just because someone resides in a certain town it doesn’t automatically make them a gang banger, nor does their ethnicity, or just because they harm someone does it mean their gang bangers, or Hispanic..