Truck crashes into 12-year-old walking to school in Atascadero

October 28, 2019


A truck crashed into and injured a 12-year-old girl who was walking in a crosswalk in Atascadero on Monday morning.

Shortly after 8 a.m., the girl was walking westbound in a crosswalk on El Camino Real near the Sunken Gardens. A Dodge truck traveling southbound failed to stop and collided with the girl, according to the Atascadero Police Department.

First responders transported the girl, who was suffering from moderate injuries, to a local hospital.

A preliminary investigation shows speed may have factored into the cause of the collision. Neither drugs nor alcohol were factors in the crash, according to the police.

Atascadero police are reminding drivers the speed limit on El Camino Real from Rosario Avenue to Morro Road is 25 mph. The area is known for high pedestrian traffic, especially during school hours, and drivers should be vigilant in watching for pedestrians.

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This is a very unfortunate accident. My best for her recovery. I do not know the exact circumstances of this incident but from what I have witnessed I have these comments. Anybody that’s been thru Atown on a school day when school is getting out or early morning knows what a mess it is with students crossing El Camino at this location. They do not cross with any consistency, they cross at a steady stream, one at a time, small bunches and some groups. Some will run out in the crosswalk to catch up with friends already half way across. Traffic sometimes backs up several deep waiting for an opening. A very easy remedy would be to have a crossing guard at that location during peak times on school days. (APD or AUSD employee). Sad to say it but, some of this falls on the child crossing the street also. Too many times, very little to no attention is given when crossing the street. I have solved the problem by teaching my children to be very vigilant while crossing the street. Oh, and put the cell phone down while crossing the street and watch for cars.

While good suggestions for children crossing streets.

The burden is on the driver to be observant.

The City has a sunk cost, it’s called the police department, they could easily patrol this area during peak usage without requiring the school to pay for and hire a crossing guard.

In fact, the PD is within a stone’s throw of this area. it would not be that hard to patrol twice a day.

Cars slow down for cop cars, not necessarily crossing guards.

Vehicles crash into each other, but when pedestrians are involved they are “hit” or “run down”-they are not involved in a crash.

Hopefully the girl recovers quickly.