Did Santa Maria police officers assault DUI suspect?

October 21, 2019


A group of Santa Maria police officers appear to rough up a suspected DUI driver after ordering him to crawl on the street, while multiple bystanders videotape the incident.

Officers stopped the suspected DUI driver on the 800 block of West Barrett Street on Sunday. The video starts with the man standing in front of a police cruiser while officers shout orders from beside the car. The suspect does not fight back and appears to have trouble understanding the officers.

The man kneels on the street with his hands in the air, and an officer orders him to put his hands on the ground. When he does not comply, she orders him to crawl.

“Because I said so! Crawl! Crawl! Crawl!” the officer shouts at the suspect who crawls on his knees towards the police car.

An officer orders the man to “lay down,” but instead he sits down. Nearby, a woman yells at officers to talk to the suspect in Spanish. They appear to ignore her.

With the man face down on the ground, officers order him to put his hands at his side. He, again, does not comply.

An officer then fires multiple rounds of what appears to be pepper spray at the man’s face. Another officer straddles the suspect’s back and begins punching him, while a police K9 bites his leg.

“I’m recording this shit!” a witness yells at officers “No. No. No. No. No. That’s police brutality.”

The police department is looking into the incident.

Ralph Snart

CCN posts the video and misquoted the woman recording the video. “No, no no, YOU’RE NOT FIGHTING! That’s police brutality.”

Obviously that is a felony stop and the only questionable behavior from the police that I see is allowing the dog to bite the guys leg. You’re damn right I just assumed his gender. Sue me.


I don’t have enough info about the leading up to the video, but I will say that it is pretty disturbing to view.


The suspected drunk driver would not show his hands…he kept pulling his hand under his chest…officers have no choice but to do what ever it takes to see whats in his hands…and I would remind the viewers of this and the woman with the camera that cops see the carnage done by drunk drivers every day…while she is home watching Oprah…

If this guy had a gun she and other innocent people could have been accidental victims…

I wonder if she would have cared as much if the drunk was a white man in a MAGA hat…


..I wonder if she would have cared as much if the drunk was a white man in a MAGA hat…

Conversely; this tells us more about how you think. You imply her racism with your curious mind. And expose yours?

Perhaps people would not equate MAGA hats with racists, if people refrain from making statements in defense of them that are inherently racist.


I notice you didn’t answer my question….maybe an answer isn’t necessary….


You are correct. Curious racist musings do not really require answers.

Besides your question was directed at the witness, and what she would have thought.


Just some cops enjoying their job. Protect and serve.

I’ll repeat what I always say:

Never call the cops. Have nothing to do with them. Avoid them. Do not speed, do not drive intoxicated. Give them zero opportunities to treat you cruelly; make it so they cannot release their inner hatred and anxiety on YOU.


Is this a harbinger of things to come? Was Rodney King bitten by a dog?

Uncle Jack

Very pro-Police person here but when there is trouble within the force we must call it out to maintain good policing in the community. This video, by itself, is very concerning.


In Santa Maria, it seems one of the officers would know how to say hands in Spanish. Is this now a police practice, ordering DUI suspects to crawl on the ground? Disgusting!


Hard to tell from the video clip what the issue us. However, so many officers for one guy, and then there is the dog…?

What’s that about.

I don’t want to brag but I’m elderly, not in the shape I was 20 years ago, especially when in the Army,…But I’m pretty sure after the fellow surrenders I could have subdued him by myself, without the dog’s assistance . Again, there must be something about the video we as the reader cannot see or don’t know. If not, and this is a big IF, those officers should be disciplined or fired. Complete over reaction. I’m mean, who was this culprit, the Jakal , or Rambo or something?


Come on derasmus! The “Rodney King” defense of not being able to see all that was going on, or hear all that was being said doesn’t, can’t, justify what we do see, can it?

And if there was something else to be heard or seen it would probably be the age old tactic cops use; badgering and giving multiple conflicting orders as to confuse an obviously inebriated human, that is meant to put him in harms way from those who are suppose to “protect and serve”.

And, if this was a video where it shows a group of thugs doin’ the same damn thing no one, including you, would question the crime that is being perpetrated here, and you know it!

This was assault and battery, aggravated assault and battery, adding the dog to the mix it should be aggravated assault and battery with great bodily injury, nothing less! But as long as folks give the cops the benefit of the doubt and the courts afford them unimpeachable status it’ll just get worse.

I’ve put this link up before but I think it’s worth doing so again, watch it and then tell me if the idea of the police being the first line of defense for the common citizen is still relevant…



Chill out, America the Free,

no Rodney King defense here. Just asking Questions and expecting a thorough and impart investigation. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.


Sorry to come of “hot”. it wasn’t my intent…

I do have a question though; in your opinion what unseen event, or events, either verbal or physical, would justify what is clearly apparent as being an unwarranted ass beating?


And if you can’t wrap your head around “Do Not Resist”, or it’s peaked your interest, here’s another that will make things a whole lot clearer…



LMAO….sure you could have…


Hey, just another moment of “gang” violence in Santa Maria, right? Perpetrated by the most well organized, best armed and union protected “gang” on the streets, the police! Next thing you know they’ll be hangin’ rags out the back pockets of their saggin’ chino’s and flaxhin’ gang signs.

And y’all worry about Mexican gangs? At least you know who they are, as they represent themselves for what they really are, right?