Hemp fields spoiling the view and air on Los Osos Valley Road

October 25, 2019


On the way to San Luis Obispo, I just drove through one or two miles of skunk like smells where the hemp fields are growing on Los Osos Valley road. We all know what skunk smells like, you know what, it’s terrible.

So, besides the terrible skunk smell and ugly 12 foot high curtains, over 15,000 people in cars every day, back and forth, have to endure these problems.

Today, while driving from SLO back to Los Osos from Foothill Boulevard, about four miles from the plants, there was this skunk smell; 90 percent of the time the wind blows east towards SLO. And more growths for sure will make SLO stink like Hell.

SLO County Board of Supervisors, with all the desert space and land around this county, away from everything and anybody, that’s where you should allow growing of hemp.

You must stop these hemp farmers from growing this product near where thousands of people live or travel.

Make new laws to cease farmer’s planting and growing more hemp plants on Los Osos Valley Road and maybe even make new rules to destroy those existing fields.


I had heard of a similar problem near Camarillo but didn’t know where.

The last two times I have driven to Los Angeles at one point in the trip I have found myself thinking, “Ooh. Skunk. Odd that you can smell skunk on the freeway.” Even odder that I smell it even with ‘recirculate’ on. The ‘recirculate’ function shuts down almost all smells, but not this very strong skunk smell.

Then I’ve realized I’m passing through Camarillo.

I am one of the lucky few who is not bothered by the smell of skunk, but I really feel for the poor people who live in the area and have to put up with this 24/7.


Lions and tigers and BEARS! OH MY!




So happy the rest of SLO County gets to enjoy jerk neighbors growing copious amounts of hemp or marijuana thanks to a “loophole” or just plain stupidity on the County’s part.

The County claims it had no idea so much pot was growing in my neighborhood, the Carrizo Plain, despite the LANDSLIDE of water drilling permits the County allowed. Somehow, all of those new wells in Cal Valley escaped them. Thank you Miller Drilling.

And then the County just blew us off. Longtime residents were ignored in favor of non-residents who willfully side-stepped “the system” & County Ordinances, and gave SLO Co. the finger, and then abandoned their garbage and property once they were allowed to HARVEST their illegal pot by the County.

Most of this county laughed at Cal Valley residents when they complained about the 100+ illegal marijuana grows out there.

Still laughing??


No one opposes the disgusting mansions in the hills of Osos, and gentrification. God forbid land is used to farm. Better than Gearhart housing. Nimby snowflakes like Julie here. Mansions ok, plants no way.

Noodly Appendages

Billboards for new homes are my big snivel. SLO County is better off without snivelers though, so take a tip from me and learn to keep it in your head and not bum out the rest of us. Or, Arizona will welcome you.


C.Standards for fencing and screening materials. All fencing and screening shall comply with the following material and height limitations based on the location of the fence:


23.04.190 – Fencing and Screening.

Standards for fencing and screening are established by this section to protect certain uses from intrusion, to protect the public from uses that may be hazardous, and to increase compatibility between different land uses by visual screening. Fencing is the enclosure of an area by the materials identified in subsection c. of this section. Screening is the enclosure of an area by a visual barrier, which may include solid fencing, or other materials as specified in subsection e. of this section.


“Search Fence”

It seems to me that the “screening” would provide a barrier of sorts to anyone seeking to self-harvest the farmer’s crop, at harvest time. Taking it down would require putting it back up again and would likely lead to another round of permitting. YUCK…

Mona Lisas & Mad Hatters – Elton John (Honky Chateau 9 of 10)

“Grow your own”


I suspect it’s coming down in preparation for harvest.

Noodly Appendages

Wind lately maybe?