Intruders twice target same San Luis Obispo home

October 19, 2019


A woman who lives in the Railroad Square area of San Luis Obispo has twice been the victim of a home invasions in less than two years. [KSBY]

Shortly before 5 a.m. on Sept. 20, Katya Vreeland woke to an intruder standing at her bedroom door and yelled for him to “get out.” The man ran with Vreeland’s brother behind him but, he got away.

The intruder came in through a window left cracked open for the cat. He took only Vreeland and her brother’s spare keys.

In the previous intrusion, officers arrested the man before he could get away with Vreeland’s belongings.

Police say there are several steps residents can take to reduce their chances of a home burglary or invasion such as motion lights and security cameras.


How about, if someone has your spare keys, change your locks. Scary situation for sure.


Being an irresponsible pet owner left her vulnerable to her house being broken into.



Huh? What?


Why is with you that the victim is to blame? All of us should be able to leave our homes wide open without the fear on intrusion, I know that’s not reality but it should be, right?

In a prior post on a different CCN article, “Atascadero student arrested for messing with lunch lady’s car”, you berated folks for using what you termed as “straw-man” and “defecting” arguments, aren’t you guilty of that here?

This is not the victims fault ! don’t care if she was butt-ass naked, with every door and window of her house wide open, watchin’ porn on a theater size TV, it doesn’t give the right for any sick-ass pervert to intrude into her home! Nor does it mitigate his actions!

And in the same spirit of your “Walter” like “Dumbass”….

“Shut the Hell Up!”


Of course in an ideal world you could leave your first floor windows open. But we aren’t in Mayberry. The world has changed, sadly. You have to adjust to the real world, as it is. You have to do whatever you can to secure your home and yourself.


I bet you also think she dressed in a certain way and that is why this crime happened….


I think that anyone who leaves themselves vulnerable to a crime of opportunity has a modicum of responsibility.

I don’t think they DESERVE the crime. I just think that being proactive is the best defense to not being a victim of a crime.

It’s called accountability.

Don’t leave your car unlocked. Don’t leave your window open so your cat can wander the neighborhood (that’s just horrible pet-ownership!). Don’t leave your toddler unattended in the front yard.

Sense, of the common variety, is missing.

Waking up to an intruder must be terrifying and I hope I never experience it. Once way to MITIGATE that chance is to not be a bad pet owner and leave the window open for the sole purpose of letting your cat wander the neighborhood. Sense, again . . . not so common, sadly.


I think it would be wise for the woman to purchase a hand gun and then get the training required for a CCW. Me thinks she has a good enough reason to get approved.

And if there is a ‘next time’, problem solved.


I hate to sound like a “fear the world” type, but no. It’s obvious she didn’t learn her lesson and if you can’t simply climb the curb to make a small effort, like locking a door or window, to ensure your own safety, especially when you’ve already experienced a home invasion, there’s no reason this person should own or operate a gun. Lock your doors. Lock your windows. Have a pet that needs access? Invest in a pet accessible door. Otherwise, privacy or not, you’re just inviting predators to target you.

Jon Tatro

You don’t need a CCW for your own house.


“Me thinks” it is not that simple. Even if you sleep with a gun under your pillow with a round chambered and one eye open at all times, odds are not great that you will successfully take out a criminal without accidentally shooting your roommate, endangering your neighbors, or otherwise subject yourself to criminal charges.


You know, with all the guns we have in this country, and with the vast majority bein’ in the hands of law abiding citizens, you’d think we’d be one of the safest places on the planet, if not the safest, So, to just add another gun into the hands of an ill-prepared, under-trained, no real world experience individual, would help how?


“Problem solved” is she happened to hear the intruder come in, if her gun was loaded where you could quickly grab it, and if she could aim it straight.

I’m all for it, just saying it isn’t necessarily problem solved.