Power outage impacts nearly 3,000 customers in Grover Beach

October 14, 2019



Nearly 3,000 customers lost power as a result of an outage in the Grover Beach area early Monday morning. [KSBY]

The power outage started at about 2:30 a.m. As of 7:30 a.m., 55 customers remain without power in Grover Beach, a PG&E map shows. PG&E’s website indicates the outage in Grover Beach was caused by a broken power pole.

Additionally, PG&E’s map shows small power outages in the Arroyo Grande and Atascadero areas. The outage in Arroyo Grande is under investigation, while the Atascadero outage is a result of planned maintenance, according to PG&E.

Power is expected to return to affected South County customers later Monday morning. It could take longer to restore power to the customers affected in Atascadero.


Get the states hands off of our power!…the feds (FERC) regulations are enough for most states in the union so whats California’s problem? why does Sacramento feel the need to smother PG&E with regulation?…let them do what they do best…provide electricity….leave the green stuff to others…years of trying to mandate that PG&E create green energy have led to unsafe conditions at PG&E….tell Sacramento to stay out of it…


“mandate that PG&E create green energy have led to unsafe conditions”

Bullshit, this is about lack of tree trimming and maintenance of pge owned power lines.

But you can pretend it’s all the greeny libs fault if it makes you feel better, after all facts don’t matter right? Blame the libs for pg&e not maintaining their lines, Lol.


Only so much money to go around kettle….PG&E’s pockets are only so deep and if California legislators want them to be a leader in green energy as well as generate and distribute electricity efficiently and safely they will continue to have problems…which means we will continue to have problems….the state in my opinion can afford to relax green mandated regulation….


So lets just say PG&E says enough and hires a crew of heavy equipment to clear land hundreds or feet either side of every tower,pole or otherwise, to guarantee any possibility of a downed line contacting flammable materials. Seriously Kettle, how far you think they’ed get”

Maybe you should talk to Davey Tree who does all of PG&E’ tree trimming and find out WTF is going on instead of relying on the national enquirer for your news.


I grew up in the San Fernando valley in Porter Ranch…the very area burning today…As a kid every summer someone would carve firebreaks in the hills with bulldozers…they were unsightly for a few months but would always regrow in the winter months…and when a fire started on those hills one hot summer Santa Ana windy day I saw first hand why they did that…it was easier to snuff out the fire..

It was contained in two days and out on day three with no structures burned and no lives lost…and it was as windy as it was here last week….that same scene played out time after time while we lived in the valley….pro active land management is a must….let the experts at the power companies do their job…let them create safe space where they need to and stop thinking that nature must be left alone….

Two years after I left the area a fire broke out in Malibu canyon…firebreaks had been outlawed that year and the fire burned from Highway 101 all the way to the Pacific Ocean…destroying hundreds of homes and many lives lost including two firefighters…being 100% green all the time is foolish…we must except the fact that the forests and wilderness areas must be managed…dead trees and dry bush must be cleared where necessary….we can harvest trees and guess what?…they will grow back….we can clear bush from power lines and guess what?…it will grow back in the winter…


I’m no fan of PG&E (especially after San Bruno), but these same people would be screaming “why didn’t you cut the power!” if the lines had sparked a wildfire.


Damned if yo6 do, damned if you don’t.

The threat of legal liability from the litigious class is ruining life in America.


It’s official – we are a third world country.


Paying first world Cadillac rates.


That does not even make sense.


Higher rates for lower quality of service. That is the democrat socialist way.

The one percent can pay the higher rates without breaking a sweat, while the rest of the citizens will decide how best to sacrifice in order to PAY.


It’s official you are just regurgitating slogans.

Temporary power failures happen all the time all over the world.

But you can pretend a minor failure makes us 3rd world if that fits your world view.


Power outages are just another nail in the coffin for Commiefornia there Kettle. You really dont grasp that you live in a over priced has been, hell hole of a sales pitch. Well you do have the ocean anyhow, or whats left of it after all the local sewage plants dump your semi treated turds in it. . Hell Kettle, you dont even have unicorns like we do in Pahrump. ;)


I just went for a walk, streets are clean, crime is rare and the food is great. Sure I could sell my house and buy something larger farther east but no reason to.

My sewage plant does not dump turds and I have not seen a real commie in years. But please keep up the good work and tell all of your friends what a awful place this is, lol.


Kettle, You obviously have not visited third world countries. Electricity is not reliable in many third world countries. PG&E announcing that electricity may be turned off for 3 plus days is not a minor failure. It appears your worldview is very myopic.


Voting “down” on facts does not change the facts.

“Facts are stubborn things.”


No that is fud, the tax foundation is a propaganda mill that shares staff with ALEC and the koch foundation.

Paid propaganda is not a fact, the tail wagging the dog.