Morro Bay Councilwoman Dawn Addis announces run for State Assembly

November 8, 2019


Less than two years into her first term on the Morro Bay City Council, councilwoman and Women’s March SLO leader Dawn Addis has announced she is running for a seat in the California State Assembly.

Addis, a Democrat and SLO County Progressive, is challenging incumbent Republican Assemblyman Jordan Cunningham for the 35th District seat. The district includes all of San Luis Obispo County, as well as much of northern Santa Barbara County.

On Thursday, Addis announced her campaign at a SLO County Progressives meeting. The gathering also featured SLO County Supervisor Adam Hill, whom Addis endorsed in his bid to keep his seat on the board of supervisors.

“My record is proven,” Addis said in her campaign announcement. “I’m ready to bring my passion and skills and my action to Sacramento.”

The Assembly candidate did not elaborate on her platform or explain policies for which she would advocate in the Legislature. Addis’s campaign website states she has advocated for increased housing, clean water, security, improved infrastructure, local jobs and economic development.

As a member of the Morro Bay council, Addis was the target of an angry constituent who sent her vulgar emails. Addis spoke out about the matter and Morro Bay police recommended charges against the man.

Addis has also had involvement in controversy surrounding the development of SLO County’s legal marijuana industry.

While a city council candidate, Addis was one of eight local politicians for whom marijuana mogul Helios Dayspring hosted a fundraiser.

Initially, Addis failed to report the fundraiser as required by law. However, after Cal Coast Times reported on the secretive event, Addis amended her financial discloure form to include Dayspring’s fundraiser.

Dayspring was then awarded marijuana dispensary permits by the cities of Morro Bay, SLO and Grover Beach, which each have council members whom the marijuana businessman supported.

Cunningham, who is running for a third term in Sacramento, was first elected to the Assembly in 2016 and then reelected in 2018. In the latter year, Cunningham defeated Democratic challenger William Ostrander 55.9 percent to 44.1 percent.

The primary election will take place March 3, 2020, followed by the general election on Nov. 3.

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And and to think that Addis endorsed a corrupt Adam Hill for Supervisor is the height of stupidity. But there’s more: Adam Hill is slated to become the Chairman of the Board in January 2020. What is happening in this County is shameful…

Oh gawd, another one.

We do not need anyone affiliated with the SLO County progressives, a group of corrupt politicians who promote anyone know to give back door bribes, in higher office. They march for women while promoting Adam Hill and Aaron Ochs, two men involved in threatening and sexually demeaning women they do not like.

Oh like the Mcphees and Peschong?

The thinking that serving less than 2 years in an elected position would qualify one for Sacramento is humorous at best and likely disastrous. How about getting some more experience, working to represent all residents – not just the progressives and then MAYBE give it a try.

On a side note, Cunningham has been representative to a wide variety of political views, he gets a vote from me.

Gee that strategy worked for the hope and change candidate after serving two years of a 6 year Senate term.

I think her “going along, to get along” and never once asking a thoughtful question regarding the awful wastewater swamp project, will have tremendous appeal to the ruling class and those who keep voting them in.

I would never support such a tool.  Anyone who does is a fool.

Some Democrats love to get paid by the citizens.

Politicians in California — where Democrats control both houses of the state legislature — make the most money, earning on average $110,459 a year.Sep 13, 2019

Listen, we have the apprentice running our country. He has zero experience in politics. DA deserves a chance to run

Her performance does not support your feelings Wildrnes. Vote with your head.

“It’s all about the cash, no Freedoms.”

Nope, don’t send this one to the assembly. A brainless proponent of a needless sewer plant pricing disaster, dooming her town to decades of Los Osos-style monthly wastewater costs when a rebuild of the existing plant is SO do-able. Keep her in Morro Bay where her damaging thinking can generate only LOCAL catastrophes.

Just what we need, another regressive Progressive and member of the Adam Hill cabal trying to seize power. God forbid…

I used to be a bleeding heart liberal, but people like this have hijacked the liberal party for some far off fantastical dream with no valid idea of the real harm they are causing. With corruption right under her nose and in her pocket, how can she think she is in the right? The Democratic party is it’s own worst enemy. All the Republican’s need to, and have been doing, is sit back and watch them drift further and further away from the working people. Oy vay.

Seriously how more democrats do we need, California is already too blue as it is. The woman is a radical progressive, open borders, free health care for illegal immigrants, free everything you name it

Oh gosh, here we go again…

On a pony, the dick usually goes underneath the horse. If you got your pony, apparently the dick would be on top riding the horse.

Oxford, your grammar blows. Calm your teets and get your facts straight.

I have known lefties and real progressives all my life, never has anyone suggested “open borders” or “free everything”, that is fox news trickle down bullshit.

Trickling down from the Russian useful idiot in the white house to little SLO County.

We need less haters, idiots and cash grubbers on both sides of the aisle.

Why is she running for state office?…its already filled to the brim with like minded liberals….what could one more liberal legislator possibly do to help California get out of the red?….aren’t we messed up enough?…3rd world power outages…crumbling roads bridges and traffic jams everywhere you go…higher gas prices than anywhere in the nation…fires we can’t put out…criminals running rampant…illegal aliens flooding into the state….worthless state offices like the DMV…monopolized one party rule isn’t working….stay home Dawn…we are messed up enough already….