SLO teen’s shooting threat motivated by social media

November 20, 2019


Motivated by a social media trend, a 13-year-old girl at Laguna Middle School in San Luis Obispo made a school shooting threat, with the hope that it would lead to a day off from school.

On Nov. 18, the teen, encouraged by two of her friends, wrote “School Shooting 12-02-19,” on a school bathroom mirror. Police quickly mounted an investigation and soon discovered the alleged culprits.

For several weeks, students have posted numerous TikTok videos urging teens to skip school on Dec. 2. The 13-year-old student wrote the message to support the trend and as a means to get other students to skip school on Dec. 2, police said.

The students involved did not intend to “threaten anyone, or to follow through with a shooting or any other acts of violence,” police said.

Officials have notified the students’ parents. While no arrests were made, school administrators plan to discipline the students.


75% parent fail, 25% kid fail…. dumb stuff happens all the time everywhere, but Middle Schools are a special place where really bad ideas come to life.


No percentage allotted for societal fail?

Our technology is outstripping the ability of our societal norms to keep pace.

Parents have far less control over what their children are exposed today, than say even 10 years ago.

Even if you don’t supply a smartphone to your child, their friends have them. The “best parents” can’t keep their children shielded from technology. 3 clicks and you can get to most anything. I mean anything.

None of these parents were aware of the Dec. 2 ditch day because the kids use apps to communicate not phones, where the messages self delete.


Yeah, but we should outlaw guns. After all, the real problem makes people like Zuckerberg rich so we can go there. Here we have a president that millions of dollars, and years of wasted time are gone to prove what? he wanted Biden to lose? who gives a shit. Then we have all the rage Social media, that has UNDENIABLY caused the DEATH of children, tormented and mentally tortured God knows how many, wheres that investigation? I’ll bet you you can link over 75% of the school shootings to this pathetic creation, and yet you cant see that elephant in the room sitting on your frikkin heads.


Who gives a shit about school shootings and 14thousand murders via Russian hands in Ukraine and Russia influence with our current administration?, just 150 million Americans and the Ukraine, Estonia, Bulgaria, Poland, Czech, Slavic nations etc, Nato and all of the EU; thats who, with that ignorant statement. Hey keyboard hero why not do something useful to help victims?; I sure as hell do, I watch the innocent hurt and help where I can. Do you? Google some pictures of Slavyansk and Donetsk in ukraine, assuming you have no idea where or what those cities are, and don’t give a shit at the dead children, mothers and fathers murdered by Russia; racist and sick Russian Soldiers, and knowing Trump likes Putin and oligarchs. And it’s not an elephant, it’s corpses in the room, pink raw corpses.


The internet does not kill people; only people kill people.

Isn’t that what they all say? Bumper sticker logic.

Funny how the argument you use for one thing; can work so well for another.


Guns makes those like the Glock Family extremely rich, fills the coffers of the NRA with oodles and oodles of cash (some of which was given by Russians) both of which have caused in your words the “UNDENIABLY DEATHs of children” and “tormented and mentally tortured God knows how many”, and I bet 100% of school shootings are directly related to guns, right? Oh but hell no, don’t take away guns, make ’em easier to get, that’ll fix it.

Zuckerberg is worthy your contempt, but such zealot condemnation is also worthy of an industry that is directly predicated, advertised and bought and sold by causing harm and death.


Let’s hope the parents discipline them as well. Removal of access to social media for a year or two would be a good start.


Why are these types of incidents increasing, one may ask. So called “progressive or liberal” policies of allowing blame for negative behavior to be placed on societies’ failure to provide an environment in which individuals wouldn’t develop in a way that causes them to act out; rather than supporting nuclear families and demanding individual accountability with deterrent consequences are IMHO the causative factors. Illustrated by the title of this article.


Yea, and all the while The Pervert and The Party of Trump The Pervert shows their family values don’t extend past their nationalist racist agenda. Separating families at the border is truly nuclear as it blows families apart at their most vulnerable moment; when they look to the country for help once led by the party that used to hold families and family values to heart.

Then the mulligan giving blind ass religious right co-signs the current “values” and don’t stand and speak out against their core values being delegated to the back burner, and all the while saying “It’s God’s Will”.

Individual accountability? Deterrent consequences’? How flippant! Unless of course you include The Pervert and his minions in your narrative. Do you?


I always appreciate your commentary America, truly, I humbly agree with your perspectives, they do for me come off worldy and give me hope in regard to some sick folks commenting here disgusting things diverting from potential loss of life and tragedy.


Nice, politicize the deaths of people’s kids, politicize the deaths down South, Gilroy, why not just go Westboro church style and go protest funerals huh?. Nice, make this about hate and politics. Keyboard hero. I bet you have no children, or help children in any manner, do you? I do. Sounds like Boomer dialogue, the bad kind.