Arroyo Grande city manager’s job in jeopardy

December 17, 2019

Jim Bergman


The Arroyo Grande City Council scheduled a special closed session meeting for Tuesday to discuss the performance and the possible discipline or dismissal of City Manager Jim Bergman. The catalyst for the meeting is not listed on the agenda. [Cal Coast Times]

Bergman was hired in 2017 to replace former City Manager Dianne Thompson, who the council voted to terminate. Shortly afterwards, in 2018, Bergman cut nine full-time positions to avoid a projected $912,000 budget shortfall.

On Nov. 1, Bergman ended long-term Community Services Director Teresa McClish’s employment.

Two weeks later, two top level employees resigned. Administrative Services Director Shannon Esenwein, who oversaw both the city’s finance and human resources departments, resigned on Nov. 15.  Former city attorney Heather Whitham also left the city on Nov. 15.

A majority vote will be necessary to discipline or terminate Bergman on Tuesday.

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Jim did a good job years back when he was a city planner, most likely why he was hired to be city manager. Now as city manager they want to oust him for a job he supposed to do!!! As for McClish she was way overpaid, under qualified and plagued with scandal, good riddance.

It’s far too easy just to look at the surface. This, sadly, as do most of the local politics, runs deeper. Jim is a pawn. He was told to fire, first, the excellent accountant, then several other top brass at the City. Once he did that, he was no longer needed. He has to go. Now Ray can put her cronies in place and all the skeletons in the closet have been disappeared because there is no one around to remember. How much do you want to bet Tony comes back?

It is my sincere hope that you are wrong. The citizens of Arroyo Grande I hope have a good memory of Tony Ferrara, and all the mayhem he created.

Unfortunately, at voting time, those folks didn’t have a “good memory” when it came to Caren Ray’s past history. She is a cancer.

I hear Steve Adams is ready to leave King City………..