Drunk sheriff lieutenant arrested in Arroyo Grande

December 19, 2019


An intoxicated off-duty Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s lieutenant allegedly cursed at Arroyo Grande police officers and called them idiots, prior to getting arrested in the South County city last month. [New Times]

Arroyo Grande officers arrested Brenda Maynard on Nov. 24 on charges of public intoxication and disorderly conduct. Maynard’s LinkedIn profile lists her as a Santa Barbara County custody lieutenant and a resident of Arroyo Grande.

On the day of her arrest, officers arrived at Rooster Creek Tavern on East Branch Street in response to a disturbing the peace call. There, they found Maynard.

Maynard repeatedly said she was off-duty law enforcement, and she was handing out her business card inside the restaurant. Arroyo Grande officers said Maynard had red, glossy eyes; slurred speech; a staggered gait; and she smelled like alcohol.

Officers asked Maynard to go outside, and she complied. While walking out of the restaurant, Maynard gave an officer a business card and said, “This is who I am.”

While trying to provide her ID, Maynard, swayed backed and forth, nearly fell over and was helped up by an officer, according to the Arroyo Grande police report.

Two officers then assisted Maynard, who was having a difficult time walking.

Officers asked Maynard whether she could contact someone to pick her up or if police could take her home. Maynard refused, claimed she was not intoxicated and said she was going to walk home.

The off-duty lieutenant also asked to speak to a police supervisor. Arroyo Grande officers then activated the camera and microphone in a squad car.

A member of the Arroyo Grande force referred to as a special police officer arrived at the scene. Maynard became argumentative and uncooperative with the special police officer.

Maynard said she’s been a lieutenant with the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office for 24 years. Maynard also called the Arroyo Grande officers “idiots,” according to the police report.

The off-duty lieutenant told the special police officer, the “bottom line is I’m going.” She then tried to walk away.

Officers at the scene tried to place Maynard’s hands behind her back. Maynard allegedly pulled away and said, “Oh you guys are in fucking trouble.”

As officers prepared to pat down Maynard, the off-duty lieutenant screamed that police were touching her private parts, and she requested a female officer.

Police ordered Maynard to get in the patrol car. She refused, and went down to the ground between the curb and a tire of the patrol car.

Eventually, the special police officer talked Maynard into entering the back seat of the patrol car. The special police officer arrested Maynard.

The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office said it is conducting a review of Maynard’s case and would not comment on it.

Maynard is the second Santa Barbara sheriff’s lieutenant to be arrested on alcohol-related charges in recent months. In September, custody deputy Javier Jonathan Antunez allegedly caused a crash that injured multiple people while driving under the influence. Antunez faces felony DUI charges.


I just saw a headline from the local propaganda dispensor (trib) that said an off duty cop from Bakersfield was found passed out in the movie theater with his gun (loaded of course) on his lap. He was drunk….like most off-duty cops are.

I think Lt. Maynard and the cop from Bakersfield, along with the cop from the SB jail who drove drunk and caused a crash should all go to drinking school together.

Also, after finishing drinking school, the cop from Bako should go to gun-owner school with Chief Cantrell.


If you consider the Trib to be just propaganda, then why are you reading and taking their statements as facts? And then repeating it? Can’t have it both ways.


I can testify that Rooster pours a stiff drink, but it was the attitude within ..


The Cops tried to give her every break possible because shes in the same club. Wish I could go to Rooster Creek, get shitfaced and then have the police chauffeur me home.


she will now sue the bar, its all their fault.


Cop-a-doodle-do! It appears Rooster’s pours a mean drink.

Perhaps too many?


The stress of the job strikes again. She probably faced down armed drug cartels, Islamic terrorists and drug-crazed home invaders that day and just couldn’t deal with the stress.

Get her to drinking school and back on the job! We need cops….which means we need her.


You sound about as intelligent as this lady. She should be charged like any average citizen would be. However,we all know that never happens. People that conduct themselves in this manner have no business in law enforcement. I do commend the officers that arrested her for doing the right thing. I’m going to be interested to see the outcome of this down the road.


Chief Cantrell went to gun-owners school after she left her gun at El Pollo Loco…..so why shouldn’t this fine LEO go to drinking school after leaving her sobriety at the bar? In fact, that’s exactly what will happen!

As for compensation, you’re right! I am trying to compensate for the slavish, boot-licking worship of cops that has plagued us for decades. It’s not easy for one person to do it, so the comments have to be worded a certain way…..

Police, as a class of people, behave far worse than serfs. That’s a fact. But the constant lies and propaganda regarding cops needs to be compensated for….


DocT, I misunderstood the sarcasm of your first comment. For that I apologize. I share your frustration with the impunity that corrupt and dishonest Law Enforcement Officers are afforded by their colleagues and our justice system when they commit crimes and behave in a disgraceful way. I feel that in order to remedy these injustices, we must address them in a more educated and competent approach to be taken seriously by the powers that be so change can truly happen. Mockery and sarcasm aren’t going to get us anywhere and we will be written off and not listened to. This is a very serious problem that I feel is finally coming to light amongst many people who are recognizing that change is necessary. Nobody should be above the law, given preferential treatment, or not be held accountable for their actions.


Amazing how many people can’t detect sarcasm on the internet.

Ralph Snart

Bad Lieutenant