Investigators found SLO teen who threatened a school shooting

December 3, 2019


Police investigators have identified the teen who wrote a threatening message last month on a mirror in a bathroom at San Luis Obispo High School.

On Nov. 21, the teen, with the support of one of her friends, wrote “Don’t come Dec 6th, School Shooting,” on the mirror. Because of the student’s ages, their names will not be released.

This was the second threat left on a school bathroom mirror in three days. Motivated by a social media trend, the first threat was made by a 13-year-old girl at Laguna Middle School.

For several weeks, students have posted numerous TikTok videos urging teens to skip school from Dec. 2 through Dec. 6.

The 14-year-old high school student, said she wrote the message as a prank, police said.

Officials have notified the students’ parents. While no arrests were made, school administrators plan to discipline the students.

The school district sent the following message to parents:

“Parents, students and staff members,

“The safety of our students and staff is our top priority, thus we take all threats very seriously. We have concluded our investigation regarding the threatening graffiti and vandalism in the bathroom on Nov. 21. The students responsible for writing the message on a bathroom wall prior to Thanksgiving break have confessed to writing it as a prank. They were copying what they heard happened at Laguna Middle School, but with a different date. A threat assessment was conducted by a San Luis Coastal Unified School District psychologist and administration on the students involved.

“The district psychologist and administration determined there is no evidence to suggest that the students intended to act upon the threat. The students showed remorse for their actions including the pain and trauma that it caused other students, staff, and community members. San Luis Obispo High School, along with the support of our district office, will move forward with appropriate student disciplinary measures. We appreciate the collaborative work done by SLOPD alongside our site and district staff. SLOPD will release a statement later today.

“We value the openness of our students, staff, and parents in bringing matters to our attention. We consider it an honor to work with each of your students each day.”

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In the 80s when I was in junior and high school in north slo county , If we wanted a day off from school we ditched and took the consequences either from parents or detention at school .We did not try to interfere with others education .We had a girl who was found to have a gun in her locker she was dealt with in a short brief encounter with sheriff.In all the parking lots at the high school guns were visable in pickup truck windows on gun racks .A lot of students carried Buck folding knifes on their belts .In woodshop we could manufacture cross bows from kits .Nobody ever was shot or stabbed etc …When there was a fight .it was a fist fight , we had our groups which were not considered gangs .Times have really changed .My schools were never placed on lockdown .Firedrill and earthquake drills were the only evacuation we knew of

I had a very similar experience. I can especially relate to the shop classes….we were taught basic forging techniques and actually made knives with hardened edges in public school metal shop! No one was stabbed, etc.

Now, kids get into trouble for drawing a knife….

So, someone please explain how and why things have gotten so very much and absurdly worse….despite there being all manner of laws, departments, officers, counselors and tattle-tails today that are supposed to help?

It seem to me that far too many are hellbent on punishing everyone….but fail to realize that the police-state culture they demand creates these types of problems.

“no arrests have been made”

Are you kidding me. In this day and age there are no real consequences for this behavior?

The parents should at least have to pay restitution for the time law enforcement spent our taxpayers dollars on.

Harry Malone, are you saying that “in this day and age” we value consequences and punishment more than the life, mental health and future of a stupid 14 year old?

Are you saying that making someone pay is of greater value than understanding that kids do stupid stuff? (that harms no one in this case)

As for the time and expense of law enforcement, we’re already paying through the nose for the police state. You want to pay more? Why? So you can vicariously punish kids more? What’s wrong with you?

The fact that all it takes is lipstick on a mirror to shut down the school and launch and investigation and a hunt for “terrorists” is of far greater concern to me than the joyful feeling certain people get from leaving their mark on a young person’s life, punishing them, punishing their parents, etc.

If this is all it takes to bring “punishment” down on a family we’re all in for a very painful future.

Have we abolished the words Wisdom, Mercy, Context, and Crime? Have we substituted the words Law, punishment, zero-tolerance and pre-crime for the words above?

I’d say we have. And the fact that you get energized by it, expressing dissatisfaction for anything less than a harsh sentence for a victimless crime is quite telling.


Because the family failed to instill respect for the rule of law, their children were free to act out in such a manner that hurts society and themselves.

The family have only themselves to blame.

Blaming society is misguided and should punishment not be meted out, not only will Justice not be served, but the “children’s” best interests will not be well served either.

Providing a touchy feely tap on the wrist is a reward, not a punishment. It would be treating a symptom, not the cause.

Writing on a public property is graffiti in my opinion.

DocT after reading your comment I was locked and loaded to retort in a vary blunt and concise rant.

However it took me a minute to realize that you are….



“The parents should at least have to pay restitution for the time law enforcement spent our taxpayers dollars on.”

TOTALLY AGREE. Anything less is a reward.