Man stabbed with tweezers near Santa Maria High School

December 20, 2019


Police officers arrested a man over a stabbing near Santa Maria High School Friday morning. And in a separate incident, authorities placed another high school campus in the northern Santa Barbara County city on lockdown.

Shortly after 7 a.m., Sean Shirley stabbed a man with tweezers in the 400 block of West Morrison Avenue, according to a Santa Maria Police Department tweet. Officers arrested Shirley, a 35-year-old Santa Maria resident, and booked him into the Santa Barbara County Jail. It is unclear what prompted the stabbing.

The stabbing did not impact class schedules at Santa Maria High, where some students were scheduled to take finals.

Later Friday morning, authorities placed Pioneer Valley High School on lockdown. The lockdown was prompted by an anonymous report of a firearm on school grounds, according to the Santa Maria Police Department.

Santa Maria police officers and security personnel checked the campus but did not locate a gun. The lockdown has since been lifted.


When tweezers are outlawed, only outlaws will have tweezers…



Santa Maria Mayor Alice Patino ought to give a report on how Santa Maria’s ‘sanctuary city’ policy is working out, citizens deserve the information.

Question authority.


Given that Usa majority crimes are of majority and not minorities, your comment is inherently racist. And yet, minorities are incarcerated more per capita due to your ideology and bad policing. Do you want some crime statistics for immigrants vs citizens whom are white to shut you up, or would this fuel you, I’d rather put the flame out with data vs upset you. A woman made headlines for running over a child because of her skin color a day ago here in USA, land of immigrants, including our POTUS and his FOREIGN wife, whom got BACK channel citizenship, including her parents. So money and sanctuary are A OK? Yes, I’m calling you a racist.


Mjd, Sean Shirley and sanctuary city? Relevance?


So maybe the new gun and ammo laws are working …. Kind of …. Now we are seeing a uptick of stabbings all over the state . This was tweezers was the perp a marijuana trimmer or is the next thing a screwdriver if they are employed as a carpenter ? Knives,screwdrivers , tweezers etc much easier to conceal and obtain than a 44 magnum .I have read about numerous arrests for Dirks and Daggers last few years