SLO man arrested for selling black market marijuana

December 19, 2019

Josephus Stallworth


A San Luis Obispo man is in jail after police busted his alleged black market marijuana distribution business.

Responding to a tip that 40-year-old Josephus Stallworth had been transporting and selling large quantities of marijuana, police detectives determined Stallworth was operating an illegal pot delivery service. On Tuesday, detectives served a search warrant at the suspect’s home on the 2900 block of Rockview Place.

During their search of Stallworth’s home, detectives seized more than 10,000 cannabis products and several thousand dollars. The pot products were fraudulently packaged to represent legal and lab tested cannabis products, police said.

“Licensed cannabis retailers are required to meet safety standards developed by the State of California and the Bureau of Cannabis Control,” according to police. “Consuming cannabis from an unlicensed retailer
can lead to serious health risks.”

Officers arrested Stallworth for selling marijuana without a license and booked him into the San Luis Obispo County Jail.


It’s posing a legitimate company, skirting the tax, which is obviously the crime; this makes it fall under “undocumented”, otherwise known as black market. The snide remarks about this falling under “black market” when the business owner is black, and questioning whether or not that is “racist”, is just normalized racism, like it or not.

Grow your own.

Thank you.


“He was alleged” of this so call crime….See this is what I’m saying another black man face smash thru the media like the BAD GUY’ There’s more to this story trust and believe… don’t believe the media! Do your research —‘black market’ bullcrap ! The world we live in… his bail was so low this is a conspiracy…


“Tip” from who? I’ll bet I can guess!


Obispan yea a tip maybe from council members or other pot services companies wanting to get rid of the competion …Josephus was busted in a prostitution sting in 2015 in Oakland . .Maybe he was selling other things besides pot products in SLO