Santa Barbara man accused of flashing children

December 1, 2019

Bryant Colby Sluder


Santa Barbara police arrested a 31-year-old  man on Saturday who illegally exposed himself to several female juveniles on State Street in downtown Santa Barbara.

Shortly after noon, multiple people called 911 to report a man had exposed himself to young girls. The man had left before the victim’s told their parents what had occurred.

Officers flooded the area and spotted Bryant Colby Sluder, who matched the suspect’s description.

Witnesses then positively identified Sluder, who police booked into the Santa Barbara County Jail on a no-bail detainer.


Nice hat.


I you’re going to expose yourself to children, be married to a local television personality and do it at a Cal Poly basketball game, $500 fine and no jail time. And you won’t see it in the local paper, or the TV station you work for, just CCN, which you, and the community at large, can dismiss as unreliable, despite public records to the contrary.


Or you could recommend; just don’t do it.

If this were Spanky’s first offense it would be a misdemeanor; $1000 fine or less, possible 6 months jail time. Lifetime sex offender registrant. …same as the local TV personality.

I do miss Fish Master’s though.