Woman robbed while in line at Santa Barbara store

December 29, 2019


A man robbed a woman of her wallet after she took it out of her purse while attempting to pay for merchandise at Ross Dress for Less in Santa Barbara on State Street on Friday evening.

In an attempt to retrieve her wallet, the woman chased the man, who hit her and kept running. The woman suffered minor injuries.

Officers are looking for four people involved in a series of crimes they allegedly committed at Ross on Friday evening. The suspects are described as two black men and two Hispanic women.

The four suspects drove off in a Mercedes Benz, which officers later found abandoned at the Chick-fil-A on State Street.


Brick and mortar stores will have to do a much better job of security or they will lose more dollars to Amazon and on-line stores…..what could it possibly take to position a small number of very visible security guards in the parking lot?…


I know this isn’t a funny story. However, the last line cracked me up!