Nipomo man facing 70 additional assault charges

January 27, 2020

Charles Lafferty


The Monterey County District Attorney’s office added an additional 70 charges on Monday against a Nipomo man who is suspected of shooting dozens of projectiles at vehicles driving on several highways in Monterey  and San Benito counties.

Prosecutors charged 52-year-old Charles Kenneth Lafferty with 74 counts of assault with a deadly weapon, three counts of child abuse and two counts of abuse on a peace officer. Lafferty pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Since Feb. 19, 2019, CHP officers have investigated 69 incidents of projectiles striking vehicles traveling on highways 156 and 101. Four adults and one child suffered minor injuries from being struck by glass during the incidents.

In one of the cases, a projectile struck a bus carrying a high school football team. Investigators believe Lafferty carried out the attacks using a slingshot and glass marbles.

Lafferty lives in Nipomo, but also has ties to Monterey County, according to the CHP.

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A lot of highways have cameras.

And witnesses described the truck he was driving. I’ve also read on Reddit that a football player on the bus actually took video with his camera. He just happened to be recording when it the buses window shattered.

Is it a secret how Mr. Lafferty was apprehended? Was he hiding in bushes along the highway with a sling-shot and a bag of marbles? Sure would be nice to know the arrest record. It’s great that there is a suspect but justice should require a speedy trial where possible, not a legal grid-lock.