Propane tank ignites fire in pickup in SLO

January 6, 2020


A propane tank ignited in the bed of a pickup truck in San Luis Obispo Monday morning, sparking a fire near a construction site.

At about 8 a.m., a caller reported the fire in the back of a construction truck on Tiburon Way near Orcutt Road. Firefighters quickly controlled the blaze.

Authorities briefly evacuated the area within 500 feet of the fire.

The blaze burned the bed of the pickup truck, photos show.


Gotta be careful with that stuff. We use a Rodenator with welder’s oxygen and propane, and it makes a cheery little blast when mixed and pumped into ground squirrel and gopher burrows and ignited. Wet winter time only, of course.

We may never eliminate all the rodents, but it’s a rather satisfying red-neck blast that makes one think that you are gaining on the destructive pests.

Misused or mis-stored and you goof up your favorite pick-up truck, it seems.