Supervisor candidate Ellen Beraud accused of neglect, abuse

February 12, 2020

Ellen Beraud


A patient of supervisorial candidate Ellen Beraud has filed a lawsuit against her, claiming that Beraud’s gross negligence and deliberate indifference have endangered his health. Beraud is currently challenging San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Debbie Arnold for the District 5 seat.

For more than 30 years, Beraud has worked as a registered dietician at local hospitals, including Atascadero State Hospital (ASH).

After a registered nurse at ASH asked Beraud to meet with an underweight patient to consider special dietary needs, on Oct. 12, 2018, Beraud evaluated Vadim Stanley Miesegaes’ condition. At that time,  Miesegaes’ weight fluctuated from 128 to 132 pounds, well below a standard weight of 148 to 164, based on his height and build, according to the lawsuit.

Even so, Beraud denied the dependent adult access to a modified diet.

Miesegaes then reported Beraud to the ASH Police Department for abuse and neglect. But the officer found no wrongdoing on Beraud’s part, according to the report.

On Oct. 11, 2019, Miesegaes filed a lawsuit against Beraud alleging neglect and the willful violation of hospital licensing laws, which he says required her to provide a modified diet. Both parties are currently scheduled for a case management conference in March.

Beraud did not return requests for comment.

Miesegaes is seeking a $10,000 award for damages, and a court order requiring Beraud to provide a modified diet, according to the lawsuit.


At least she’s got a job…take note Heidi.

Jorge Estrada

With clear conscience I give Ellen a pass on this questionable trivia story. I support the public getting involved if so moved and certainly support a job well done, so given the choices, I will vote for Debbie Arnold to further her mission and accomplishments.


Ellen Beraud’s attorney tried to have the case stricken, but failed showing the case has some valid points. It is Beraud’s job to make sure patients get proper nutrition, whether she likes the patient or not.

all ways write

A San Francisco judge ruled yesterday that Vadim Miesegaes, accused of killing his roommate and chopping up her body, is mentally unfit to stand trial and should be sent to a state psychiatric institution for further examination.

So that’s what he did. Now he wants extra food. He’s not getting it so he’s gonna sue. I think this is his third lawsuit since being at ash. One of the lawsuits is against the President of the US. Why do we allow people to waste our time like this after they have committed horrible crimes?


As yesterday, you mean 20 years ago? Regardless, Ellen Beraud is paid to give proper care, it is her job. The county has paid out a lot of money because of bad care of people in custody.


Join the discussion…Before reporting on this “non story” too bad CCN didn’t research that Vadim Miesegaes is a total Looney Tune, who’s hobby appears to be filing frivolous lawsuits. But that doesn’t matter… it’s a typical CCN Ellen Beraud hit piece. Personally I’m not a Beraud fan or supporter but this story is a non issue.


Seems odd, “give me 10,000 dollars because you didn’t tell me to eat more”.


Not a fan of Beraud, but this article serves no purpose. Why bother to publish it?


someone opened the box labeled “weird stuff”…can we please close it?


More embarrassing is that she voted against the “Faces of Freedom” memorial in Atascadero.