Thousands of SLO County voters receive two ballots, others none 

February 14, 2020


Thousands of voters in San Luis Obispo received two vote-by-mail ballots for the March 3 primary election, while other voters in rural SLO County found themselves removed from the voter rolls, according to the SLO County Clerk Recorder’s Office.

The county’s current ballot printer, ProVote Solutions of Porterville, sent duplicate ballots to 2,666 voters in SLO, impacting both the District 3 and District 5 SLO County Board of Supervisor races. In an attempt to correct the error, the printer plans to send postcard notifications to voters who received two ballots.

“While it is unfortunate that some duplicate VBM ballots were sent to voters, we were able to quickly discover the discrepancy and develop a plan to notify affected voters of the situation and how to rectify it,” Clerk Recorder Tommy Gong said. “We regret any confusion and inconvenience this has caused.”

This isn’t the first time ProVote Solutions made a ballot printing error. In 2018, the addition of an extra race on a Madera County ballot produced 183 invalid votes

Also, in 2010, ProVote Solutions sent ballots to the wrong voting block in Sonoma County, requiring the creation of about 15,600 corrected ballots.

In addition to the issue with duplicate ballots, multiple voters in North County were removed from the voter rolls after renewing their driver’s licenses.

A large portion of District 5 voters do n0t have mail boxes, and utilize post office boxes, with the boxes listed as the address on the residents driver’s license. Because of new procedures, many who have updated their licenses were taken off the voter rolls for not having a street address listed on their driver’s license.

If you have not yet received a vote by mail ballot, you can contact the SLO County Clerk Recorder’s Office at 805-781-5228 to verify you are registered to vote. You can also register online at until midnight on Feb. 18.


I bet this colossal error is no surprise to the voters of the Los Osos CSD. Gong is incompetent and needs to resign if he can’t obviously do his job to protect the sacred right to vote.


Gong has got to go.

This is not the first time his non leadership has failed voters.

All the people that fought and died boils down to one basic pillar of our country and that is the right to vote.

I hope Gong doesn’t try to blame this on an outside vendor because the buck stops with him.


While everybody seems to be concerned about voting irregularities (Ukranians are probably involved!) – why is no one concerned about the tax increases in upcoming election?

Prop 13 – bonds for school repair, etc. Given our schools verifiable record of mis-spending monies from previous bonds – why would we roll over and throw more money at a problem that has not, and can not be solved by more money. Why hasn’t CCN had any articles about this proposed rip-off?

I’m from Paso, but I have heard that Lompoc voters will be asked to increase their sales tax by 1%.

Again, I’m surprised that there has been no CCN stories or comments on this huge tax increase..

Why is that? Voters living somewhere other than Lompoc may say it does not concern them – but I believe that if Lompoc passes this tax increase – it will only encourage other cities (AG, SLO, MB, Paso, etc.) to do the same thing.

So to the voters of Lompoc – please consider the larger picture and vote NO on the 1% tax increase. Oh, by the way, my understanding is that about 50% of the revenue from the tax increase would go to pay off CalPERS debt. Doesn’t it give you a warm and fuzzy feeling to know that some of your hard-earned money is to be used for paying for someone’s retirement because CalPERS failed to manage the money they already get? Wouldn’t everyone like to have a retirement plan like that – guaranteed benefits – even if tax payers have to foot the bill.


It has already started. I have been predicting that this year’s elections will see an all time high of “voting irregularities” (aka voter fraud). And interestingly, the vast majority (like this story) will be in the favor of urban Democrats over rural Republicans. Get the lawyers out and primed and ready to go!


If only the GOP would let some of the election security bills pass.

So if you don’t win, can’t suppress enough D votes, claim fraud!


If by “Security Bills” you mean allowing everyone and his dog, without regard to identity or citizenship, to vote – then I can see why why you would want that to help stuff the ballot boxes.


Remove rural voters who use P.O. boxes? Sounds good for Beraud.

Ralph Snart

Hmmm…. interesting how this only benefits the “urban” population. I bet that “ballot harvesting” will fix this situation either way.

Question: Are Cal Poly students allowed to vote in local elections if they live in local elections and live elsewhere in California? If so, why should intern college students be allowed to stuff the ballot in small towns with a large college?


Your answer; residency is established merely by spending the majority of your time in a district.

9 months per year over 4 nights per week mean that it would be illegal for them to register in another location.

Same for running for elected office. Just ask Darryl Issa who now “lives” in a neighboring district seeking to return to Congress.


Yes, Cal Poly students are allowed to vote in local elections. They can legally choose to register where they live here or at home at their parent’s house. If you look closely at the map, all on-campus dorms were in District 2 along with the Bishop’s Peak neighborhood. The new dorms west of Grand Avenue are in District 5 along with central and northeast SLO and will be voting for Supervisor for the first time. Don’t think this is lost on the SLO Progressives, they will get them registered here and get high turnout, voting 110% for Beraud.


So you don’t want legal voters voting because your team won’t win? That is the GOP playbook, after all suppressing voters and suppressing election security is gop policy right now.

Ralph Snart

So Cal Poly is illegally charging out of state tuition to any student registered to vote here? Hahaha! You fell right into that one!


Great point! When does an out-of-state student become a California resident? When he/she registers to vote here? Lives here for one year? Has a part time job here and pays state taxes? Could out-of-state students claim discrimination if they do one or all of the above and are still charged out-of-state tuition? Some lawyer could have fun with this!


Interesting that these ballots are in District 3 and 5, the two contested Supervisorial District races, and nowhere else. How many went to Democrats? Republicans? Just asking.

ALL of these 2666 ballots should be considered “provisional” and independently verified to avoid having someone vote twice. If either of these races is close, there will be no end to speculation unless this is done.

I hope the Board of Supervisors will take this up ASAP and require this, because I don’t trust the Gong gang to do it unless ordered to do so. There have just been too many “mistakes.” And don’t forget the mess with the last District 4 race.


If you’ve “been there” at the voting booth you’d know they check your name off as you enter.

2 ballots printed and sent doesn’t mean they have two entries for you on the rolls at the polling place. Provisional ballots are for those whose name is omitted from the official rolls in error. These people are legally registered and on the roll.

The only ones filing provisional ballots would the voters wrongfully purged from the roll.

I say stress test your theory and attempt to vote twice in the next election.

Ralph Snart

These are not voting booth ballots. They are mail ballots that are allowed to be collected 72 hours after the election closes…


Will he be reprimanded for a job poorly done? Nope.


Likely Clerk Recorder Tommy Gong will be given a raise, I understand his wife needs some extra dough.


Another Gong Show.