California Coastal Commission chair has the coronavirus

March 15, 2020


California Coastal Commission chair and Chula Vista City Council member Steve Padilla tested positive last week for the coronavirus, just days after chairing a Coastal Commission monthly meeting.

The Coastal Commission met Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at the Hilton Santa Cruz Hotel in Scotts Valley. Padilla left early after becoming symptomatic. He is currently self-isolating.

“I feel healthy, strong and safe,” Padilla said in a statement. “This is a scary time. My symptoms — fever, body aches, headaches, chills — came on very rapidly.”.

The Coastal Commission, a regulatory agency charged with managing development in the California Coastal Zone, meets in different cities along the coast. Pismo Beach City Councilman Erik Howell is the local representative on the 12-person board. Howell was unavailable for comment.


The rate of recovery vs death is widening…meaning people are surviving and fully recovering…Tom Hanks and his wife report feeling like they have a cold and the NBA player is feeling better just after 5 days…children are recovering and so are healthy elderly adults….


I’ll drink to that!

Harp Lager, please, if you’ve got one.