CHP officer not actively enforcing stay at home order

March 25, 2020

The San Luis Obispo area California Highway Patrol office is attempting to dispel a rumor that CHP officers are carrying out enforcement of the state’s stay-at-home order.

In a statement released Tuesday, the San Luis Obispo area CHP said it is clearing up a rumor that officers are stopping drivers and asking them why they are on the road and then issuing citations to those who do not have a valid reason. That is not true, the SLO area CHP says.

“The governor has not asked law enforcement to enforce the statewide stay-at-home order,” the SLO CHP stated. “In an effort to preserve public health and safety of all Californians, the hope is that people will self-regulate their behavior and home isolate, protect themselves and go about the ‘essential’ activities using social distancing.”

Additionally, the San Luis Obispo CHP says the mission of the California Highway Patrol remains unchanged. CHP officers will still patrol the highways, respond to traffic collisions, provide services to drivers, enforce violations and assist other law enforcement agencies.

But, it has become more challenging for the CHP to carry out portions of its operations because of added responsibilities associated with the coronavirus response, the local highway patrol office says.

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Wait, they might have new responsibilities? They already let every sort of violator drive past them without action. Except for high profile DUI’s, they ignore all but the extreme speeders, ignore enforcing the three foot clearance of a bicycle, ignore tailgating big trucks, pickups with loud Flowmasters, motorcycles with NO MUFFLER at all and riding insanely, blackish dark limo tint on driver windows, GPS units glued in the CENTER of front window vision area. They are already missing a lot of safety and public issues.

I’d say they don’t need any more duties to interrupt their joyriding and pension building shifts.

Let them try…that’s all I am going to say.