FBI raids SLO County Supervisor Chair Adam Hill’s home

March 25, 2020

Supervisor Adam Hill


FBI agents served a search warrant on San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Chair Adam Hill’s home on March 11, at the same time they were searching his office at the County Building, FBI spokesperson Laura Eimiller confirmed today.

Shortly after 7 a.m., FBI agents served a search and seizure warrant under seal to the County of San Luis Obispo. Agents then searched Hill’s office on the fourth floor, according to a county official.

Less than 10 miles away, agents were also searching Hill’s Pismo Beach home, which the last agent left around noon, according to a photographer for CalCoastNews who was parked outside Hill’s home.

Shortly afterwards, at 1:22 p.m., emergency personnel responded to Hill’s Shell Beach home for a medical emergency. Medical personnel then transported Hill, who allegedly attempted suicide, to a local hospital.

Hill was released from Arroyo Grande Hospital on March 12 after being placed on a psychiatric hold following the alleged overdose, according to county sources.

While county officials and the FBI are remaining mum about the reasons for the search warrant, for years people involved in the marijuana and development industries have accused Hill of soliciting monies for his support.

Since the March 11 raids, Hill has stopped attending county meetings.

Last week, county staff searched for Hill in an attempt to have him sign the county’s shelter at home order. The order notes that because Hill was unavailable, the emergency services director signed the document.

It is unclear when, or if, Hill plans to take an active role as the chair of the SLO County Board of Supervisors.

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I expect that Hill’s attorneys will negotiate with federal prosecutors a plea deal that will involve Hill giving information on other corrupt public officials. In exchange he will plead guilty in court, be required to give an allocation in open court admitting his crimes, pay a hefty fine, resign from office and then be sentenced to the minimum custody time.

As for his replacement one thing I would be fairly certain of is that Governor Newsom does not want to be embarrassed by appointing someone who themselves may be under investigation. That leaves out most of the city council members in SLO.

Don’t be surprised if he doesn’t pick a former supervisor, retired judge or democrat party official, who has not held elective office, as a way to avoid stepping into a trap. His appointee would hold office until a special election was called at which time they could run for the remainder of the term or step down.

Possible candidates could include Peg Pinard, Judge Doug Hilton or local attorney and democratic fixer Don Ernst.


Don Ernst is one of the forces behind keeping corrupt Adam Hill in office. He is aware of the corruption, and works to control who sets as a judge in this county to protect his corrupt friends. Not only does Hill need to go, but those judges in office because of Ernst, Hill and Bruce Gibson lobbying the governor need to go! Lets bring justice back to SLO County.


No, Newsum will pick a SLO Progressive, probably Heidi Harmon. Wanna bet? I will put my money where my mouth is on this one. How much do you want to lose? I got cash.


Although it’s easy to speculate, Hill is gone, no longer a factor and not even acting as an elected official. We all knew he was ill, very ill. The voters of his District need to be ashamed of themselves for putting such a dysfunctional person in office. Ashamed. BUT the discussion is which DEM will the Gov choose. Harmon, btw , is just as unstable. Those close to her are VERY nervous.


You are correct, the Governor will appoint. Harmon however does not live in the Third District. She rents a room in a mobile home in the Second District. If she were to change her residence to remain in SLO city but be in the Third District, she could be appointed.

Eyes Everywhere

Here’s hoping the FBI visits Heidi Harmon next. She’s got to be involved somehow, a woman traveling regularly despite making so little money.

I predict Hill serves 3-5 down in Lompoc. We can all take a field trip and go visit the little putz.


Newsom will appoint someone just as bad to replace Hill.


You are so right. He will select a competent liberal who won’t resort to the crap that Hill pulled and they will be reelected, over and over. Sorry to break the bad news to the “Make liberals cry again” cadre.


What was this scoundrel up to?….


What wasn’t he up to? Read the 100 or 200 stories about Hill here on CCN. CCN had Hill pegged years ago. Truth reigns.


Thanks for the update CCN. The only other stories I’ve heard were on KPRL radio. Rumor has it that Heidi Harmon has her eye on his position. She’s probably calling the Governor’s office daily promoting herself so he will appoint her. What a disaster that would be. She couldn’t handle it. She would implode as well. Maybe the FBI would return with search warrants for her. I find it extremely hypocritical of Harmon who stands for women’s rights, organizes the women’s march, and gives bloviating speeches about it all, supported and promoted Adam Hill and his re-election. Hey CCN, maybe you can interview Mayor Harmon about her support for such a person. Hell, Adam might even be hanging out at her place right now. Birds of the same feather nest together.


Gotta say, I’ve been a longstanding critic of CCN throughout the years, but kudos for reporting on the Adam Hill saga.

Whenever the Trib refers to his suicide attempt as an “unknown medical issue”, it confims why I unsubscribed years ago.


Does he live in Shell Beach or Pismo Beach?


Shell Beach is an area of the city of Pismo Beach.

Kevin Rice

Same difference. Both are City of PB.


So much to report, so few news reports on this important public matter. Thanks, Velie and CalCoastNews for providing constant and consistent reporting on Hill’s wacky actions. This is not a privacy issue.

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