FBI raids SLO County Supervisor Chair Adam Hill’s home

March 25, 2020

Supervisor Adam Hill


FBI agents served a search warrant on San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Chair Adam Hill’s home on March 11, at the same time they were searching his office at the County Building, FBI spokesperson Laura Eimiller confirmed today.

Shortly after 7 a.m., FBI agents served a search and seizure warrant under seal to the County of San Luis Obispo. Agents then searched Hill’s office on the fourth floor, according to a county official.

Less than 10 miles away, agents were also searching Hill’s Pismo Beach home, which the last agent left around noon, according to a photographer for CalCoastNews who was parked outside Hill’s home.

Shortly afterwards, at 1:22 p.m., emergency personnel responded to Hill’s Shell Beach home for a medical emergency. Medical personnel then transported Hill, who allegedly attempted suicide, to a local hospital.

Hill was released from Arroyo Grande Hospital on March 12 after being placed on a psychiatric hold following the alleged overdose, according to county sources.

While county officials and the FBI are remaining mum about the reasons for the search warrant, for years people involved in the marijuana and development industries have accused Hill of soliciting monies for his support.

Since the March 11 raids, Hill has stopped attending county meetings.

Last week, county staff searched for Hill in an attempt to have him sign the county’s shelter at home order. The order notes that because Hill was unavailable, the emergency services director signed the document.

It is unclear when, or if, Hill plans to take an active role as the chair of the SLO County Board of Supervisors.

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Adam Hill’s attorney Don Ernst will threaten federal prosecutors, “If you charge Hill I will claim his administrative assistant also had access to his home and office, or he was hacked and the evidence was planted. You will lose because I control the local judges. Wait, this is federal court.”


Nikki Nix is not a scapegoat. She’s the worst kept relationship secret since Bruce Gibson.


Adam is going to go to prison….that’s my prediction….

Last Individual

A week or two ago, I commented that people were having too much faith in the FBI, and suggested that they are just as corrupt as other police agencies. I got a lot of negative feedback from that post. Well now, doesn’t anyone else find it suspicious that the FBI waited until after the election to serve their search warrants? Had they served them before the election, we might not be facing an AOC lookalike to replace him. Sounds like the FBI was motivated by politics to me, making them as corrupt as I initially suggested. There is no justice in SLO County, or anywhere else for that matter. Even if you can afford to buy a modicum of justice, you can’t afford to wait interminably for it. Anyone believing otherwise lives in a dream world. Go ahead, have at me with the negative feedback.


More things you will not read in The Tribune until weeks later when they are literally shamed into it. Not that’s its worth anything, but the SLO Progressives own The Tribune. And Pelosi is demanding that any Covid-19 federal bailout fully fund Tribune jobs and pensions. Why? I think the bailout should fully fund Karen Viele’s and Daniel Blackburn’s jobs and pensions, they’re actually working journalists.


What pensions?


When you see how many crimes the FBI charges Hill with you will know how many crimes Dow has overlooked.


I think your analysis is unfair. The FBI spends years on an investigation. If they are working an investigation, Dow is not supposed to run his own. I think it is time to stop pointing fingers and be thankful that it appears Adam Hill is likely to have to face up to his many bad deeds.

And we can hope these cases are going to crush the corruption that has spread through many agencies affiliated with Hill and his cohorts. Lets give those in law enforcement a chance to finish their jobs. Lets work together for our community. I do not believe anyone in the DA’s office supports or purposely ignores public corruption.


Cindy, bless your heart. Dow has been handed evidence and witnesses of Adam Hill’s crimes including using county services to kidnap citizens of the United States, extortion of local business owners, excepting bribes, voting with a conflict of interest, harassment, cyber harassment, threats, cyber threats, conspiracy, committing fraud on the court system, embezzlement (remember he is/was the self appointed executive officer of the IWMA) and the list goes on. CCN published stories on all of it. It is Dan Dow’s job to prosecute all of it. The FBI finally came in because Dow was not doing his job. It starts on a local level, if it’s not being handled on a local level, the Feds come in. That’s all I’m saying. Stay safe, everyone.


Dan Dow will NOT prosecute if you lie under oath in a civil case.

Think about that if you are ever sued.


Perhaps this whole episode will be swept under the rug and lost forever. Unless CCN keeps up on it. Even then, will then, will CCN [we] ever get the truth?

Powerful, evil people run gov’t these days.


I do not believe this is necessarily the governor’s decision to fill the vacancy. There are state bi-laws that offer different scenarios for this situation…. among them leaving it up to the remaining supervisors to appoint, as well as caveats due to the immediacy of the election. I trust they are researching this as we speak.


Considering the election was just 3 weeks ago, the final results 2 weeks ago and it was not quite but essentially a draw, and Hill has been absent since election night why shouldn’t Stacy be appointed? Just seems odd to me given it was so close.


There is a recent precedent for this. When Paul Teixeira died in office a few years ago, Gov. Brown appointed Caren something or other-mayor of AG now I think. The Board badly misses the likes of Paul who was a voice of reason in a group of nasty ideologues.


I no longer live in that district, and voted for Jerry Lenthall when Adam Hill ran the first time. If people want the governor to appoint Stacy Korsgaden, they’d better start a change.org petition right now and get as many signatures on it as possible. He’ll probably still appoint Evo Morales or Kim Jong Un’s sister, but at least there would be a trail of public opinion to make it less convenient for him. Just sayin’…..


Good thing for him he had two weeks to hide or destroy all the evidence huh?

Ted R

I believe you may have missed that they raided his house at the same time as his office. FBI just released the info.


Hmmm…. why was this left to the FBI, when Hill’s illegal activities were so apparent for so long right here in this county? Seems like Mr. DA Dan Dow put on his rose-colored glasses when he was asked to look at Hill’s criminality.


It has been clear since DA Dow’s election that he has focused his activities on protecting the special class, be it Adam Hill, John Wallace, any number of LEO’s or anyone at the IWMA.


If I’m not mistaken, DA Dow is an officer with the California National Guard. If that’s true, shame on the CANG.

But the CANG is just as corrupt as the rest of the politicos.

Eyes Everywhere

Not fair. Anything Dow might have considered doing would be superseded by the Feds. He most likely knew of an investigation into Hill, but could not get involved directly. He had to wait for the FBI to act.

Ted R

Dan Dow has jurisdiction and had evidence of Adam Hill’s crimes for a long time. The Feds come in when no one else is doing their job on a county level. Dan Dow never protected Karen and Dan B from Hill’s illegal attacks. Not even when Hill and his social service goons kidnapped Karen’s grandchildren. Or when Hill and his IWMA and PG&E buddies committed fraud on the court and sued Karen and Dan B trying to silence them. Dan Dow is responsible for all of it.

Eyes Everywhere

Wrong. FBI investigation takes precedence over everything. There was nothing Dow could do about Hill as long as the FBI was conducting an investigation.

what the

Umm, Eyes, you are wrong. Dow protects them, the FBI will come in and do Dow’s job. The FBI does not, however, prevent Dow from doing his job. Only Dow’s lack of ethics can stop him from doing his job. Your little FBI excuse is a joke. Please stop with the disinformation campaign.


Read the post, Dow wasn’t standing off because of an FBI investigation, the FBI had to investigate because Dow wasn’t doing anything.


There is no question slo co tops the politically corrupt places Ive ever lived. Let us keep them fingers crossed whatever the FBI found is littered with the names of every player involved at every level. Its long over due slo co needs its cesspool cleaned up.