San Luis Obispo County to enact shelter-in-place

March 18, 2020


San Luis Obispo County plans to order a shelter-in-place for all residents following the lead of multiple other counties in California in response to the coronavirus, according to several public officials. A statement will be released later today.

San Luis Obispo County has six confirmed cases of coronavirus, fewer than other California counties adopting similar measures. For example, San Fransisco had 43 confirmed cases on Tuesday.

A shelter-in-place may sound frightening, but it is not a full quarantine.

While details are currently being ironed out, it is likely the shelter-in-place will be similar to those enacted in the Bay Area, where residents are required to stay indoors, and to avoid unnecessary travel and socializing. In addition, all public and private gatherings, regardless of the number of attendees, are prohibited.


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Is it really that easy for the government to take away our freedom?


So, obviously they will be reducing our property taxes quite a bit for this year right? Hello? right?


Unlike the private sector where if you don’t work you don’t get a paycheck, for the public sector they will still get paid their outrageous salaries even if they don’t work, so property taxes are still needed. We wouldn’t want to lose those high quality workers to other places if we didn’t continue the ridiculous salaries.


I really am beginning to think that we are on the Razor’s Edge (not just a great AC/DC song) with respect to our financial system, globally. Most people knew (or at least suspected) that global finance, debt-based economies, and fiat currency were a perfect storm or a house of cards.

This pandemic may push it one way or the other. A nice reset/revisit of intrinsic value, barter, reasonable and justifiable taxation with full representation, etc. Or the other way: all-digital, chip-implanted, big government sledgehammer-to-freedom (all for the safety of the peasantry, after all).

Not sure which way, if any, it will go – but I’ve never seen a larger potential threat in all my years.


Shelter in place for EVERYONE!?? Mass closures that destroy our jobs and wreck our economy!?? Is there a better way? It seems to me that we have a war in America right now, a biowar. Usually, brave YOUNG men and women fight our wars. So, quarantine all the older folks (like me) who are vulnerable to the virus, and then draft high school and college age youths into the workforce to take their place. Maybe 55 would be a good cutoff age for the quarantined folks. No closures. Just isolate the elderly, and life goes on as normal. The economy keeps running with a youth force that is unlikely to overwhelm our healthcare facilities if infected. But, wait!! On second thought, never mind. I’d hate to be isolated for a year in a nursing home!


Everyone is vulnerable the the virus, not just older folks. Half the people in intensive care for COVID-19 in the Netherlands are under 50. Many seemingly healthy people in their 30s and 40s are in intensive care in all countries. Yes, the rate of recovery in these patients is greater than older people. But just letting the disease spread in the under 55 population would still lead to the same effect where hospitals are completely overrun and massive amounts of people of all ages die because they can’t get medical care.